LATEST POSITION | 25 May, 2019

None of the new releases of this week could take a great initial. While INDIA’S MOST WANTED opened to poor houses, PM NARENDRA MODI and ALADDIN (English and Hindi dubbed) started better but not good enough.

De De Pyaar De did decently well in 1st week after an ordinary opening. It netted Rs. 1.15 crore in paid previews in multiplexes on Thursday. It managed only Rs. 8.25 crore on Friday but due to positive word of mouth, collections grew almost 50% on Saturday (Rs. 12.25 crore). Sunday ended at Rs. 13.85 crore. The weekend, therefore, closed at Rs. 35.50 crore (including paid previews). Collections during the weekdays were: Monday – Rs. 5.65 crore, Tuesday – Rs. 5.40 crore, Wednesday – Rs. 5 crore, Thursday – Rs. 4.10 crore. In other words, it added Rs. 20.15 crore during the weekdays, taking the first week’s total to Rs. 55.65 crore.

Gunwali Dulhaniya fared very poorly in 1st week in Bombay and Delhi-U.P.

Savdhan Ek Adbhut Kahaani could not impress the paying public in the first week.

Grihalakshmi The Awakening performed miserably at the ticket counters in the first week.

Student Of The Year 2 fell more than 80% in the second week. It collected Rs. 1.50 crore on Friday. Collections did not show a jump on Saturday (Rs. 2 crore) or Sunday (Rs. 2.50 crore). It collected just Rs. 6 crore in the second weekend. Its fate in the weekdays was no better. It collected Rs. 1.10 crore on Monday, Rs. 1 crore on Tuesday, Rs. 0.95 crore on Wednesday, and Rs. 0.85 crore on Thursday. In this way, the film added Rs. 3.90 crore to its kitty during the weekdays. Its total for the second week was Rs. 9.90 crore only. Its grand total for 2 weeks was Rs. 63.40 crore.

Poké­mon Detective Pikachu (dubb­ed) and the English original of the same name collected Rs. 0.50 crore on the first day of the second weekend. Collections increased to Rs. 0.95 crore on Saturday, and Rs. 1 crore on Sunday, taking the second weekend’s total to Rs. 2.45 crore. Collections on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were Rs. 0.35 crore each while on Thursday, the figure was Rs. 0.30 crore. Hence, the film netted Rs. 1.35 crore during the weekdays. Its total for the second week was Rs. 3.80 crore. Grand total for 2 weeks: Rs. 11.25 crore.

Avengers: Endgame (dubbed) and the English original of the same name managed to stay afloat in the fourth week. It netted Rs. 1.10 crore on Friday. Collections jumped to Rs. 2.10 crore on Saturday. The figure for Sunday was Rs. 2.20 crore. In this way, the fourth weekend generated a revenue of Rs. 5.40 crore. It collected Rs. 0.85 crore on Monday, Rs. 0.80 crore on Tuesday, Rs. 0.80 crore on Wednesday, and Rs. 0.65 crore on Thursday. It, therefore, added Rs. 3.10 crore to its kitty during the weekdays. Its total for the fourth week was Rs. 8.50 crore.

The Tashkent Files managed to yield shares in the sixth week also, which is truly creditable.


Rampaat (Marathi) did fair business in the first week in Bombay, Thane district and the rest of Maharashtra.