Wednesday, February 26, 2020

CENSOR NEWS | 21 February, 2020

Colour Yellow Productions Pvt. Ltd.’s Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan was given C.C. No. DIL/2/61/2020 (UA) dt. 14-2-’20; running time 119.37 minutes.

Dharma Productions Pvt. Ltd.’s Bhoot Part One – The Haunted Ship was given C.C. No. DIL/3/13/2020 (A) dt. 14-2-’20; running time 116.30 minutes.

Benaras Mediaworks Pvt. Ltd.’s Thappad was given C.C. No. DIL/1/7/2020 (U) dt. 17-2-’20; running time 141.41 minutes.

Films @ 50’s ‘O’ Pushpa I Hate Tears was given C.C. No. DIL/2/58/2020 (UA) dt. 13-2-’20; running time 127.18 minutes.

Mad Media Pvt. Ltd.’s Careless was given C.C. No. DIL/2/59/2020 (UA) dt. 13-2-’20; running time 136.54 minutes.

Zaid Corporation Co.’s Namumkin Tere Bin Jeena was given C.C. No. DIL/1/8/2020 (U) dt. 17-2-’20; running time 93.02 minutes.

Reel And Motion Pictures LLP’s The Hundred Bucks was given C.C. No. DIL/3/14/2020 (A) dt. 14-2-’20; running time 101.31 minutes.

Goldmines Telefilms Pvt. Ltd.’s Teen Tigada Pyar Bigada (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/9/2020 (U) dt. 18-2-’20; running time 143.07 minutes.

Aditya Movies Entertainments (India) LLP’s Mission Goldfish (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/60/2020 (UA) dt. 14-2-’20; running time 127.05 minutes.

Aditya Music (India) Pvt. Ltd.’s Aashiq Diljale (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/63/2020 (UA) dt. 18-2-’20; running time 123.16 minutes.


Maa Se Manavta Film Production’s Ee Pintu Paglu Hai Kya (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/56/2020 (UA) dt. 12-2-’20; running time 136 minutes.

A.A. Chavan Movies’ Lahar (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/57/2020 (UA) dt. 13-2-’20; running time 118.30 minutes.

Sara Films Entertainment House’s Ab Hai Policegiri (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/62/2020 (UA) dt. 17-2-’20; running time 115.20 minutes.

Shah And Shah Entertainments’ Jigri (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/64/2020 (UA) dt. 19-2-’20; running time 122.09 minutes.

Big Banner Entertainment’s Pedru Poder (Konkani) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/65/2020 (UA) dt. 19-2-’20; running time 114.36 minutes.

DK Films Entertainment’s Tattaad (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/66/2020 (UA) dt. 19-2-’20; running time 142.23 minutes.

Roshan Kumar Film Production’s Hamra Kasam Ba Champaran Ke (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/67/2020 (UA) dt. 19-2-’20; running time 123.14 minutes.

Mundeshwari Films Entertainment’s Prithviraj (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/68/2020 (UA) dt. 19-2-’20; running time 145.57 minutes.

Ganesh Chandra Surya Team Film (P.) Ltd.’s Ek Saazish Jaal (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/3/15/2020 (A) dt. 19-2-’20; running time 161.11 minutes.


NBC Universal Media Distribution Services Pvt. Ltd.’s The Invisible Man was given C.C. No. DFL/3/12/2020 (A) dt. 18-2-’20; running time 124.31 minutes.

Viacom18 Media Pvt. Ltd.’s Sonic The Hedgehog was given C.C. No. DFL/1/3/2020 (U) dt. 19-2-’20; running time 99.16 minutes.

CENSOR NEWS | 13 February, 2020

Dashaka Cinema Co.’s Guns Of Banaras was given C.C. No. DIL/2/55/2020 (UA) dt. 12-2-’20; running time 134.32 minutes.

Kalla Films’ Dark Black was given C.C. No. DIL/2/52/2020 (UA) dt. 7-2-’20; running time 111.20 minutes.

SD Motion Pictures Pvt. Ltd.’s Rakkash was given C.C. No. DIL/3/12/2020 (A) dt. 7-2-’20; running time 117.27 minutes.


Bhavesh Productions’ Rahasya (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/43/2020 (UA) dt. 4-2-’20; running time 92.14 minutes.

RZ Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.’s Safalta 0 KM (Gujarati) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/50/2020 (UA) dt. 6-2-’20; running time 153.22 minutes.

Viva In-En’s Vikun Taak (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/51/2020 (UA) dt. 6-2-’20; running time 128.06 minutes.

Kwality Productions’ Affra Taffri (Gujarati) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/53/2020 (UA) dt. 7-2-’20; running time 131.26 minutes.

Panj Paani Films Pvt. Ltd.’s Sufna (Punjabi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/54/2020 (UA) dt. 11-2-’20; running time 144 minutes.

Nakhva Films Production’s Sapan (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/6/2020 (U) dt. 12-2-’20; running time 130.44 minutes.


SPE Films India Pvt. Ltd.’s Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island was given C.C. No. DFL/3/11/2020 (A) dt. 6-2-’20; running time 111.09 minutes.

CENSOR NEWS | 7 February, 2020

Luv Films LLP’s Malang Unleash The Madness was given C.C. No. DIL/3/8/2020 (A) dt. 24-1-’20; running time 134.47 minutes.

Loneranger Productions Pvt. Ltd.’s Hacked was given C.C. No. DIL/3/9/2020 (A) dt. 31-1-’20; running time 117.58 minutes.

Maddock Films’ Love Aaj Kal 2020 was given C.C. No. DIL/2/47/2020 (UA) dt. 5-2-’20; running time 141 minutes.

B4U Broadband (I) Pvt. Ltd.’s Anna Ka Insaaf (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/41/2020 (UA) dt. 30-1-’20; running time 136.32 minutes; MLA Bhaiya (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/5/2020 (U) dt. 5-2-’20; running time 139.08 minutes.

Ad Wise Media Works’ Pyaar Dhoka (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/42/2020 (UA) dt. 31-1-’20; running time 102.03 minutes.

Andor Productions Pvt. Ltd.’s Rowdy Rakshak (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/46/2020 (UA) dt. 5-2-’20; running time 165.53 minutes.

Warner Bros. Pictures (India) Pvt. Ltd.’s Birds Of Prey And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DFL/3/10/2020 (A) dt. 5-2-’20; running time 111.34 minutes.


Mangalam Pictures’ Lagaam (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/4/2020 (U) dt. 30-1-’20; running time 126 minutes.

Small A Film’s Ichhadhari Naag (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/40/2020 (UA) dt. 30-1-’20; running time 156.39 minutes.

Soham Rockstar Entertainment’s Makeup (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/44/2020 (UA) dt. 4-2-’20; running time 140.18 minutes.

B4U Motion Pictures’ Saiyaan Hain Anaadi (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/45/2020 (UA) dt. 5-2-’20; running time 138.11 minutes.

Krishna Rai Films Production’s Tere Sang Yaara (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/48/2020 (UA) dt. 5-2-’20; running time 144.57 minutes.

Pratibha Music Media’s Ho Gayeel Hungama Pher Se (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/49/2020 (UA) dt. 5-2-’20; running time 131.11 minutes.

S.R. Motion Pictures’ Chakravyuh (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/3/10/2020 (A) dt. 3-2-’20; running time 138.50 minutes.

Shoan Films Production’s Solapur Gangwar (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/3/11/2020 (A) dt. 4-2-’20; running time 126.42 minutes.


Inox Leisure Ltd.’s Shakira In Concert: El Dorado World Tour (Spanish, with English subtitles) was given C.C. No. DFL/2/5/2020 (UA) dt. 31-1-’20; running time 133.02 minutes.

CENSOR NEWS | 31 January, 2020

Mad Hat Productions’ Ekram was given C.C. No. DIL/2/37/2020 (UA) dt. 29-1-’20; running time 95.01 minutes.

RSBS Films’ Haunted Hills was given C.C. No. DIL/3/6/2020 (A) dt. 23-1-’20; running time 100.17 minutes.

Magic Cinema Motion Picture Production Pvt. Ltd.’s Shakeela was given C.C. No. DIL/3/7/2020 (A) dt. 23-1-’20; running time 126.16 minutes.

New Age Cinema’s Furious Jigarwala (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/31/2020 (UA) dt. 23-1-’20; running time 151.33 minutes.


Welcome Film City World’s Raja Anadi Autowala (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/32/2020 (UA) dt. 23-1-’20; running time 138.24 minutes.

R.J. Entertainment World’s Johar Chhattisgarh (Chhattisgarhi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/33/2020 (UA) dt. 23-1-’20; running time 153.03 minutes.

Bhalaree Productions Pvt. Ltd.’s Irsal (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/34/2020 (UA) dt. 24-1-’20; running time 129 minutes.

Patil Creations’ Premacha Paus (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/35/2020 (UA) dt. 28-1-’20; running time 108.44 minutes.

Surbhi Madhav Entertainment’s Dil Dhak Dhak Kare (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/36/2020 (UA) dt. 29-1-’20; running time 125.55 minutes.

Swaroop Recreation And Media Pvt. Ltd.’s Choricha Mamla (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/38/2020 (UA) dt. 29-1-’20; running time 134.16 minutes.

Sanskar Arts International’s Parivaar Ke Babu (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/39/2020 (UA) dt. 29-1-’20; running time 146.57 minutes.

Poonam Nakul Prasad’s Khoon Ki Pukar (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/3/4/2020 (A) dt. 17-1-’20; running time 127.57 minutes.


Warner Bros. Pictures (India) Pvt. Ltd.’s Birds Of Prey And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn was given C.C. No. DFL/3/8/2020 (A) dt. 29-1-’20; running time 110.56 minutes.

Reliance Big Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.’s The Turning was given C.C. No. DFL/3/9/2020 (A) dt. 29-1-’20; running time 98.10 minutes.

CENSOR NEWS | 24 January, 2020

Super Cassettes Industries Pvt. Ltd.’s Street Dancer 3D was given C.C. No. DIL/2/19/2020 (UA) dt. 17-1-’20; running time 150.10 minutes.

Northern Lights Films LLP’s Jawaani Jaaneman was given C.C. No. DIL/2/26/2020 (UA) dt. 21-1-’20; running time 119 minutes.

Shivco Arts’ Bhagyavidhata was given C.C. No. DIL/2/22/2020 (UA) dt. 20-1-’20; running time 107.27 minutes.

Aadira Entertainment’s Rahasya Kaldar Ka was given C.C. No. DIL/2/28/2020 (UA) dt. 22-1-’20; running time 91.31 minutes.

Raj Verma And Company’s NRI Diary was given C.C. No. DIL/3/5/2020 (A) dt. 20-1-’20; running time 109.39 minutes.

Goldmines Telefilms Pvt. Ltd.’s Dear Comrade (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/18/2020 (UA) dt. 16-1-’20; running time 163.53 minutes.

Aditya Movies Entertainment (India) LLP’s Ghatak Premi (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/20/2020 (UA) dt. 17-1-’20; running time 126.50 minutes.

SPM Arts LLP’s Udumba (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/23/2020 (UA) dt. 20-1-’20; running time 131.21 minutes.

SPE Films India Pvt. Ltd.’s Bad Boys For Life (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DFL/3/4/2020 (A) dt. 17-1-’20; running time 123.53 minutes.


ASK Film Productions’ Boja (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/21/2020 (UA) dt. 20-1-’20; running time 92.21 minutes.

Kantilal Productions’ Kaaal (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/25/2020 (UA) dt. 21-1-’20; running time 109 minutes.

Shree Rang Films Production’s Target (Gujarati) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/27/2020 (UA) dt. 21-1-’20; running time 120.02 minutes.

R.S. Mahadik Productions’ Miss You Miss (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/30/2020 (UA) dt. 23-1-’20; running time 121.49 minutes.

Vision Films’ Lal Ishq (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/3/3/2020 (A) dt. 16-1-’20; running time 130.17 minutes.

Swarjai Art Media Production’s Shahid Bhai Kotwal (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/3/2020 (U) dt. 22-1-’20; running time 130 minutes.

Super Cassettes Industries Pvt. Ltd.’s Street Dancer 3D (Telugu dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/29/2020 (UA) dt. 22-1-’20; running time 143.59 minutes.

SPE Films India Pvt. Ltd.’s Bad Boys For Life (Telugu dubbed) was given C.C. No. DFL/3/5/2020 (A) dt. 20-1-’20; running time 123.53 minutes; Bad Boys For Life (Tamil dubbed) was given C.C. No. DFL/3/6/2020 (A) dt. 21-1-’20; running time 123.53 minutes.


PVR Pictures Ltd.’s Dolor Y Gloria (Spanish, with English subtitles) was given C.C. No. DFL/3/7/2020 (A) dt. 21-1-’20; running time 115.41 minutes.

CENSOR NEWS | 17 January, 2020

Prayag Media’s Awasaan was given C.C. No. DIL/1/2/2020 (U) dt. 9-1-’20; running time 100.35 minutes.

New Age Cinema’s The Wonder Dog Simba (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/12/2020 (UA) dt. 10-1-’20; running time 125.35 minutes.

RK Duggal Studios’ Life Mein Twist (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/17/2020 (UA) dt. 15-1-’20; running time 129.46 minutes.


Ajay Devgn Films’ Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior (Marathi dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/11/2020 (UA) dt. 9-1-’20; running time 134.36 minutes.

Ajinkya Tara Films’ Chiraag (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/13/2020 (UA) dt. 14-1-’20; running time 137.59 minutes.

Pankaj Batra Films LLP’s Jinde Meriye (Punjabi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/14/2020 (UA) dt. 15-1-’20; running time 141 minutes.

Mysha Films’ Babubhai Sentimental (Gujarati) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/15/2020 (UA) dt. 15-1-’20; running time 131.39 minutes.

Anupams Films Production’s Ladtar (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/16/2020 (UA) dt. 15-1-’20; running time 136.33 minutes.

Bhalchandra Creation’s Ransaavat (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/3/2/2020 (A) dt. 15-1-’20; running time 139.24 minutes.


Reliance Big Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.’s 1917 was given C.C. No. DFL/2/3/2020 (UA) dt. 9-1-’20; running time 122.29 minutes.

PVR Pictures Ltd.’s The Farewell (Mandarin, with English subtitles) was given C.C. No. DFL/2/2/2020 (UA) dt. 9-1-’20; running time 102.30 minutes; Ordinary Love was given C.C. No. DFL/2/4/2020 (UA) dt. 9-1-’20; running time 92.47 minutes; The Gentlemen was given C.C. No. DFL/3/3/2020 (A) dt. 9-1-’20; running time 115.27 minutes.

CENSOR NEWS | 10 January, 2020

Ajay Devgn Films’ Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior was given C.C. No. DIL/2/5/2020 (UA) dt. 4-1-’20; running time 134.36 minutes.

Luv Films LLP’s Jai Mummy Di was given C.C. No. DIL/2/2/2020 (UA) dt. 3-1- ’20; running time 105 minutes.

Vipul Shah Production’s Delhi Bus was given C.C. No. DIL/3/1/2020 (A) dt. 8-1- ’20; running time 101.17 minutes.

Lyca Productions Pvt. Ltd.’s Darbar (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/7/2020 (UA) dt. 8-1-’20 ; running time 159.45 minutes.

Ad Wise Media Works’ Oyee (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/1/2020 (U) dt. 2-1-’20 ; running time 127.57 minutes.

NBC Universal Media Distribution Services Pvt. Ltd.’s Dolittle (3D; dubbed) was given C.C. No. DFL/1/1/2020 (U) dt. 8-1-’20 ; running time 101.34 minutes.


Arjun Films Entertainment’s Jadugar Dilwalo (Gujarati) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/1/2020 (UA) dt. 3-1-’20 ; running time 132.46 minutes.

Self Love Productions’ Jaan To Pyara (Punjabi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/3/2020 (UA) dt. 3-1-’20 ; running time 137.11 minutes.

Swamini Film Production House’s Rumanya (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/4/2020 (UA) dt. 3-1-’20 ; running time 101.26 minutes.

Sai Entertainment’s Sasura Bada Paisawala 2 (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/6/2020 (UA) dt. 6-1-’20 ; running time 149.06 minutes.

Make Your Film’s Deringbaj Daroga (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/8/2020 (UA) dt. 8-1-’20 ; running time 111.08 minutes.

L.K. Pictures’ Kandil (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/9/2020 (UA) dt. 8-1-’20 ; running time 130.09 minutes.

Rehana Films’ Zankhana (Gujarati; revised) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/10/2020 (UA) dt. 8-1-’20 ; running time 108.08 minutes.


SPE Films India Pvt. Ltd.’s Little Women was given C.C. No. DFL/1/2/2020 (U) dt. 8-1-’20 ; running time 136.57 minutes; Bad Boy For Life was given C.C. No. DFL/3/2/2020 (A) dt. 8-1-’20 ; running time 123.53 minutes.

Picture Works’ The Wedding Year was given C.C. No. DFL/2/1/2020 (UA) dt. 3-1-’20 ; running time 89.23 minutes.

Viacom18 Media Pvt. Ltd.’s Like A Boss was given C.C. No. DFL/3/1/2020 (A) dt. 8-1-’20 ; running time 86.09 minutes.

CENSOR NEWS | 2 January, 2020

Saregama India Ltd.’s Axone was given C.C. No. DIL/1/218/2019 (U) dt. 29-12-’19; running time 104.01 minutes.

Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd.’s I Pad was given C.C. No. DIL/1/208/2019 (U) dt. 26-12-’19; running time 131.48 minutes.

Cinestaan Film Company Pvt. Ltd.’s Bombay Rose was given C.C. No. DIL/2/533/2019 (UA) dt. 26-12-’19; running time 98.26 minutes.

Stripes Entertainment LLP’s Tale Of Rising Rani was given C.C. No. DIL/1/214/2019 (U) dt. 27-12-’19; running time 125.49 minutes.

Mithya Talkies’ RK-Rkay was given C.C. No. DIL/1/215/2019 (U) dt. 27-12-’19; running time 99 minutes.

Advika Imaginations’ Vardaniya was given C.C. No. DIL/1/231/2019 (U) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 132.23 minutes.

India Muviz’s Bhonsle was given C.C. No. DIL/2/545/2019 (UA) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 123.42 minutes.

Triveni Films’ Kehta Hai Yeh Dil was given C.C. No. DIL/2/547/2019 (UA) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 116 minutes.

Rose Quartz Entertainment’s Lohardaga was given C.C. No. DIL/2/556/2019 (UA) dt.
31-12-’19; running time 115.20 minutes.

Paperlane Productions’ Dark Light was given C.C. No. DIL/3/122/2019 (A) dt. 30-12-’19; running time 98 minutes.

Pisceann Pictures’ Kaanchli Life In A Slough (partly Rajasthani) was given C.C. No. DIL/3/123/2019 (A) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 102.50 minutes.

Frame To Frame Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.’s Taanashah was given C.C. No. DIL/3/124/2019 (A) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 101.11 minutes.

Sona Mohapatra’s Shut Up Sona (Hinglish) was given C.C. No. DIL/3/125/2019 (A) dt.
31-12-’19; running time 85.53 minutes.

Goldmines Telefilms Pvt. Ltd.’s Comali (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/526/2019 (UA) dt. 26-12-’19; running time 133.52 minutes.

RK Duggal Studios’ Sitaram (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/527/2019 (UA) dt. 26-12-’19; running time 148.32 minutes.

Aditya Movies Entertainment (India) LLP’s Chanti The Idiot (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/531/2019 (UA) dt. 26-12-’19; running time 140.39 minutes.

Ad Wise Media Works’ Love Lie (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/532/2019 (UA) dt.
26-12-’19; running time 130.23 minutes; College Romeo (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/535/2019 (UA) dt. 27-12-’19; running time 147.01 minutes.

Lakshmi Ganpathy Films’ Super Strong Khiladi (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/534/2019 (UA) dt. 26-12-’19; running time 110.37 minutes; Miss Bhanumati (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/551/2019 (UA) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 97.12 minutes.

B4U Broadband (I) Pvt. Ltd.’s Pagal Premi (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/557/2019 (UA) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 114.59 minutes.

Participant Media’s The Price Of Free (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/230/2019 (U) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 90.35 minutes.


T Mahesh Film Production’s Ghoda (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/207/2019 (U) dt.
26-12-’19; running time 90.49 minutes.

Nirmaan Studios’ Photo Prem (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/209/2019 (U) dt. 27-12-’19; running time 93.15 minutes.

Mirror Media Entertainment’s The Trucker Ek Pravas (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/210/2019 (U) dt. 27-12-’19; running time 120.56 minutes.

No Frills Cinema’s A Dog And His Man (Chhattisgarhi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/211/2019 (U) dt. 27-12-’19; running time 85.26 minutes.

Dreamlines Productions LLP’s Jivan Sandhya (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/212/2019 (U) dt. 27-12-’19; running time 139.23 minutes.

Planet Marathi’s AB Aani CD (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/213/2019 (U) dt. 27-12-’19; running time 120.17 minutes.

Bombay Berlin Film Production LLP’s Trijya (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/216/2019 (U) dt. 27-12-’19; running time 100 minutes.

Saveena Creation’s Pension (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/217/2019 (U) dt. 27-12-’19; running time 92.24 minutes.

Different Stroke Communications Pvt. Ltd.’s Mrugtrushna (Gujarati) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/219/2019 (U) dt. 30-12-’19; running time 108.59 minutes.

Miraj Creations Pvt. Ltd.’s I Love You Aishwarya (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/220/2019 (U) dt. 30-12-’19; running time 116.47 minutes.

Shree Ganesh Marketing And Films’ Basta (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/222/2019 (U) dt. 30-12-’19; running time 119.03 minutes.

Om Chhangani Films’ Prawaas (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/223/2019 (U) dt. 30-12-’19; running time 133 minutes.

Mukta Arts Ltd.’s Vijeta (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/224/2019 (U) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 135.15 minutes.

Trikut Films LLP’s Abharkha (Gujarati) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/225/2019 (U) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 94.30 minutes.

Narmadas Future Films’ 1 Numbercha Dh (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/226/2019 (U) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 128.27 minutes.

Hinglajmata Film Production’s Aadharvad (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/227/2019 (U) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 129.51 minutes.

JMK Entertainment’s Vanrakshak (Himachali) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/228/2019 (U) dt.
31-12-’19; running time 144.19 minutes.

Shakambhari Film’s Chhavni (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/229/2019 (U) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 92.09 minutes.

Ananta Films’ Khatre Da Ghuggu (Punjabi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/528/2019 (UA) dt.
26-12-’19; running time 117.35 minutes.

Artmen Films Ltd.’s Kem Chho? (Gujarati) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/529/2019 (UA) dt.
26-12-’19; running time 141.57 minutes.

Skystar Entertainment’s Blanket (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/530/2019 (UA) dt.
26-12-’19; running time 106.38 minutes.

SN Productions LLP’s Mann Fakira (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/536/2019 (UA) dt.
28-12-’19; running time 132 minutes.

Ashadeep Cine Production’s G (Gujarati) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/537/2019 (UA) dt. 28-12-’19; running time 126.58 minutes.

Sumi Production’s Ratricha Paus (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/538/2019 (UA) dt.
28-12-’19; running time 101.51 minutes.

Anusaya Production House’s Ramkahani (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/539/2019 (UA) dt. 29-12-’19; running time 113.58 minutes.

CTRLN Production Pvt. Ltd.’s Y (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/540/2019 (UA) dt. 29-12-’19; running time 158.28 minutes.

Pranali Movies’ Rivanawayali (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/541/2019 (UA) dt. 29-12-’19; running time 117.46 minutes.

Heli Films’ Gandhi Ni Bakri (Gujarati) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/542/2019 (UA) dt. 30-12-’19; running time 103.09 minutes.

Pratisaad Productions Pvt. Ltd.’s Dhurala (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/543/2019 (UA) dt. 30-12-’19; running time 169.29 minutes.

Sankalp Karmanya Chitra’s Tuzhyasathi Kahihi (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/544/2019 (UA) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 110.55 minutes.

RRP Corporation Pvt. Ltd.’s Ashleel Udyog Mitra Mandal (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/546/2019 (UA) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 117.43 minutes.

DK Factory’s Purasha (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/548/2019 (UA) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 97.57 minutes.

Capaqua Films India Pvt. Ltd.’s Dharmasya (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/550/2019 (UA) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 124.14 minutes.

Pragati Chitra Sanstha’s Chivati (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/552/2019 (UA) dt.
31-12-’19; running time 121.16 minutes.

Dhanani Films’ Shabbaash (Gujarati) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/553/2019 (UA) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 150.42 minutes.

Disha Creation And Entertainment’s Bade Abbu (Konkani) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/554/2019 (UA) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 123.19 minutes.

Harsiddhi Films Entertainment’s Premasathi Anything (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/555/2019 (UA) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 120.10 minutes.

Creative Mind Films Entertainment’s Ek Adhikari Zanzavat (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/3/120/2019 (A) dt. 27-12-’19; running time 147.56 minutes.

Pune Film Co. Pvt. Ltd.’s Tujhya Aaila (Shivi Nay, Khelacha Naav Hay Te) (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/3/121/2019 (A) dt. 29-12-’19; running time 84.55 minutes.


NBC Universal Media Distribution Services Pvt. Ltd.’s Dolittle (3D) was given C.C. No. DFL/1/58/2019 (U) dt. 27-12-’19; running time 101.34 minutes.

IN2 Infotainment India’s The Guilty (Danish, with English subtitles) was given C.C. No. DFL/1/59/2019 (U) dt. 31-12-’19; running time 85.10 minutes.

PVR Pictures Ltd.’s My Spy was given C.C. No. DFL/2/92/2019 (UA) dt. 26-12-’19; running time 100.12 minutes; The Last Full Measure was given C.C. No. DFL/2/93/2019 (UA) dt. 26-12-’19; running time 118 minutes; The Informer was given C.C. No. DFL/3/78/2019 (A) dt. 29-12-’19; running time 115.09 minutes.

UTV Software Communications Ltd.’s Jojo Rabbit was given C.C. No. DFL/2/94/2019 (UA) dt. 27-12-’19; running time 110.27 minutes.

Lionsgate India LLP’s Bombshell was given C.C. No. DFL/3/79/2019 (A) dt. 30-12-’19; running time 110.44 minutes.

CENSOR NEWS | 26 December, 2019

Dharma Productions Pvt. Ltd. and Cape Of Good Films LLP’s Good Newwz was given C.C. No. DIL/2/505/2019 (UA) dt. 17-12-’19; running time 133.53 minutes.

One Up Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.’s Sab Kushal Mangal was given C.C. No. DIL/2/516/2019 (UA) dt. 23-12-’19; running time 134.57 minutes.

Falcon Pictures’ Bunker was given C.C. No. DIL/2/512/2019 (UA) dt. 20-12-’19; running time 98.11 minutes.

P.S. Film Craft International’s Astounding Courage In Distress was given C.C. No. DIL/1/200/2019 (U) dt. 20-12-’19; running time 101.37 minutes.

Shivdeva Films’ Matto Ki Saikil was given C.C. No. DIL/1/203/2019 (U) dt. 23-12-’19; running time 105.17 minutes.

Rahi Films’ Dilli Ka Sheikh Chilli was given C.C. No. DIL/2/513/2019 (UA) dt. 23-12-’19; running time 121.40 minutes.

Rudra Path Productions’ Upamarg was given C.C. No. DIL/2/520/2019 (UA) dt. 24-12-’19; running time 93.35 minutes.

N.N. Sippy Productions Pvt. Ltd.’s The River Of Love was given C.C. No. DIL/2/524/2019 (UA) dt. 24-12-’19; running time 72.02 minutes.

Aditya Movies Entertainment (India) LLP’s Criminal Khiladis (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/201/2019 (U) dt. 20-12-’19; running time 141 minutes.

Ad Wise Media Works’ Sagaa (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/511/2019 (UA) dt. 19-12-’19; running time 120.47 minutes; Perfect Businessman (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/518/2019 (UA) dt. 23-12-’19; running time 137.44 minutes; Once Upon A Time In Chennai (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/522/2019 (UA) dt. 24-12-’19; running time 127.12 minutes.

Wide Angle Media Pvt. Ltd.’s Haftha (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/521/2019 (UA) dt. 24-12-’19; running time 120.16 minutes.

New Age Cinema’s Gang Of Khiladis (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/523/2019 (UA) dt. 24-12-’19; running time 117.29 minutes.


Rash Production Pvt. Ltd.’s Kaanbhatt (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/199/2019 (U) dt. 20-12-’19; running time 114.43 minutes.

Flaming Pie Pictures LLP’s Khape.. (Gujarati) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/202/2019 (U) dt. 23-12-’19; running time 81.52 minutes.

DB Talkies’ Luv Ni Love Storys (Gujarati) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/205/2019 (U) dt. 24-12-’19; running time 142.21 minutes.

Shivani Films’ Sparsh (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/206/2019 (U) dt. 24-12-’19; running time 122.16 minutes.

Maa Baamat Films’ Main Tera Aashiq (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/514/2019 (UA) dt. 23-12-’19; running time 143.17 minutes.

Pankaj Tiwari Films’ Murde Ki Jaan Khatre Me (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/515/2019 (UA) dt. 23-12-’19; running time 126.10 minutes.

Om Motion Pictures Ltd.’s Veer Arjun (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/517/2019 (UA) dt. 23-12-’19; running time 139.57 minutes.

Captain Video Pvt. Ltd.’s Pratibandh (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/519/2019 (UA) dt. 24-12-’19; running time 158.38 minutes.

Maaydesh Media’s Aatpadi Nights (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/525/2019 (UA) dt. 26-12-’19; running time 134.45 minutes.

Web Talkies Pvt. Ltd.’s Pranay Mastar (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/3/119/2019 (A) dt. 23-12-’19; running time 91.57 minutes.


Blue Lion Entertainment Co.’s Up Up & Up was given C.C. No. DIL/1/204/2019 (U) dt. 23-12-’19; running time 81.50 minutes.


NBC Universal Media Distribution Services Pvt. Ltd.’s Cats was given C.C. No. DFL/2/91/2019 (UA) dt. 19-12-’19; running time 109.59 minutes.

Inox Leisure Ltd.’s Metallica & San Francisco Symphony: S&M 2 was given C.C. No. DFL/1/57/2019 (U) dt. 19-12-’19; running time 159.53 minutes.

CENSOR NEWS | 19 December, 2019

Arbaaz Khan Production Pvt. Ltd.’s Dabangg 3 was given C.C. No. DIL/2/503/2019 (UA) dt. 14-12-’19; running time 162.40 minutes.

Unilazer Ventures Pvt. Ltd.’s Bhangra Paa Le was given C.C. No. DIL/1/196/2019 (U) dt. 13-12-’19; running time 130 minutes.

Roar Picture Company’s The Pickup Artist (Hinglish) was given C.C. No. DIL/3/118/2019 (A) dt. 18-12-’19; running time 114.03 minutes.

UTV Software Communications Ltd.’s Star Wars: Vijaypath (3D; dubbed) was given C.C. No. DFL/2/89/2019 (UA) dt. 18-12-’19; running time 142.01 minutes.


De Goan Studio’s Kaajro.. (Konkani) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/195/2019 (U) dt. 12-12-’19; running time 114.35 minutes.

Vibhavari Chitra’s Tinhisanja (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/197/2019 (U) dt. 16-12-’19; running time 127.48 minutes.

Tauline Studios Pvt. Ltd.’s Tajmal (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/198/2019 (U) dt. 17-12-’19; running time 99 minutes.

Maa Vindhyavasini Film Creation’s Chhotaki Thakurain (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/504/2019 (UA) dt. 16-12-’19; running time 147.13 minutes.

CNC Movies’ Tahi Mor Jinagi Tahi Mor Jaan (Chhattisgarhi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/506/2019 (UA) dt. 17-12-’19; running time 130.32 minutes.

Arbaaz Khan Production Pvt. Ltd.’s Dabangg 3 (Kannada dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/507/2019 (UA) dt. 18-12-’19; running time 151.34 minutes; Dabangg 3 (Tamil dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/509/2019 (UA) dt. 18-12-’19; running time 151.34 minutes; Dabangg 3 (Telugu dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/510/2019 (UA) dt. 19-12-’19; running time 158.55 minutes.

Mauli Film Production’s #Prem (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/508/2019 (UA) dt. 18-12-’19; running time 115.41 minutes.


UTV Software Communications Ltd.’s Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker (3D) was given C.C. No. DFL/2/88/2019 (UA) dt. 13-12-’19; running time 142.01 minutes.

Viacom18 Media Pvt. Ltd.’s Playing With Fire was given C.C. No. DFL/1/56/2019 (U) dt. 16-12-’19; running time 96.47 minutes.

Top Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.’s The Mystery Of The Dragon Seal was given C.C. No. DFL/2/90/2019 (UA) dt. 18-12-’19; running time 122.33 minutes.

Warner Bros. Pictures (India) Pvt. Ltd.’s Richard Jewell was given C.C. No. DFL/3/77/2019 (A) dt. 12-12-’19; running time 127.42 minutes.