The imbroglio over the release of Reliance Entertainment’s 83 at Gaiety and Maratha Mandir cinemas of Bombay has been solved. The film will be released, as scheduled, at Gaiety and Gossip cinemas of the Gaiety-Galaxy cinema complex right from the 3 p.m. show today (24th December). Since it could not be screened in the first (12 noon) show at both the cinemas, the film will be screened in three instead of four shows today, but it will be playing in daily 4 shows from tomorrow (25th December) onwards. However, 83 will not be playing at Maratha Mandir cinema.

More details have emerged about why the film did not open at Maratha Mandir and Gaiety-Gossip cinemas earlier today in spite of tickets having been sold in advance. (Please refer to our earlier news article dated today and titled ‘Cancellation Of ’83’ Release At Bombay’s Maratha Mandir, Gaiety Cinemas Shocks Trade’.) It is now learnt that Reliance Entertainment wanted 83 to be screened in at least two shows daily at Maratha Mandir cinema, which booker Vinay Choksey had assured him of. However, when Choksey pleaded inability to give 83 two of the three shows daily at Maratha Mandir (DDLJ is running in matinee shows) because Sony was willing to spare only one of the two shows of Spider-Man: No Way Home (as it is still going strong), and Pushpa (dubbed) had to be continued in daily 1 show in 2nd week, it was Reliance which cancelled the film’s screening at not only Maratha Mandir but also at Gaiety and Gossip cinemas as their booking is also done by Vinay Choksey.

However, Reliance has now agreed to screen 83 in daily 4 shows at both, Gaiety and Gossip cinemas. The modalities for the release of 83 in daily 2 shows at Maratha Mandir cinema could not be worked out and hence the cricket film will not open there.