CENSOR NEWS | 25 February, 2021

White Feather Films Ltd.’s Mumbai Saga was given C.C. No. DIL/3/8/2021 (A) dt. 19-2-2021; running time 127.31 minutes.

Will Finds Way Films LLP’s Ahaan (Hinglish) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/11/2021 (U) dt. 18-2-2021; running time 81.13 minutes.

Aditya Music (India) Pvt. Ltd.’s Dumdaar Khiladi 2 (dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/42/2021 (UA) dt. 24-2-2021; running time 144 minutes.


ACH Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.’s Pyar To Hona Hi Tha (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/12/2021 (U) dt. 19-2-2021; running time 171.25 minutes.

Mahendra Bhulana Production’s Babli Ke Barat (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/38/2021 (UA) dt. 19-2-2021; running time 143.37 minutes.

M.Y. Films’ Gori Tari Preet Ma (Gujarati) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/39/2021 (UA) dt. 19-2-2021; running time 128.07 minutes.

ND Films Entertainment’s Ghaav Ek Pratighat (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/40/2021 (UA) dt. 19-2-2021; running time 104.35 minutes.

JP Entertainment World’s Scary Forest (Kannada dubbed) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/41/2021 (UA) dt. 22-2-2021; running time 129.45 minutes.

Shivsamrajya Production’s Objection (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/43/2021 (UA) dt. 24-2-2021; running time 128.07 minutes.


UTV Software Communications Ltd.’s Raya And The Last Dragon (3D) was given C.C. No. DFL/1/6/2021 (U) dt. 19-2-2021; running time 107.30 minutes.