‘DAKET OF DHOLPUR’ REVIEW | 15 March, 2024

Released last week all over, Baba Cine Entertainment’s Daket Of Dholpur (UA) is the story of a simpleton villager who turns a dacoit because of the atrocities of the goons in the village.

Manoj Chaturvedi has penned such a routine story that it seems shocking, one can back a film based on such a dull story. The screenplay is clichéd. Dialogues are ordinary.

Manoj Chaturvedi is dull. Radha Ajmera does a routine job. Santosh Yagnik passes muster. Sudhir Shakla is average.

Afzal Khan’s direction is below the mark. Lokesh Kushwaha and Harish Sharma’s music is functional. Dinesh Parihar’s lyrics hardly deserve separate mention. The background music is below the mark. Camerawork (Afzal Khan, Shahnawaz Khan and Abhishek Bhuria) is dull. Editing is loose.

On the whole, Daket Of Dholpur is so poor that it has ‘debacle’ written all over it.