‘DESH KE GADDAR’ REVIEW | 10 May, 2024

Released last week in Bombay, Delhi-U.P. and East Punjab, Raj Rishi Films’ Desh Ke Gaddar (UA) is an action film with an apology of a story.

S. Khan’s story and screenplay are so clichéd and stale that it is quite unbelievable. Absolutely nothing is novel or fresh. Even the dialogues (by Rashid Khan) are dull.

Dharmendra does an average job. Farah is so-so. Abhishek Kapoor is average. Raj Babbar is fair. Mohan Joshi is okay. Rakesh Bedi delivers a routine performance. Anil Nagrath is dull. Others barely pass muster.

Farogh Siddique’s direction is poor. The film reeks of staleness as it has taken many years to reach the screens. Bappi Lahiri’s music belongs to an era gone by. Lyrics (by Maya Govind) are fair. Song picturisations are pathetic. Background music is weak. Camerawork is poor. Veeru Degvan’s action and stunt scenes are average. Editing leaves a lot to be desired.

On the whole, Desh Ke Gaddar is a debacle.