Transindia Media & Entertainment’s Dil Dosti Deewangi (Marathi; UA) is a love story and murder mystery. The lives of a group of close friends turn upside down when friendship evolves into love and they have to choose between the two.

Rahul Kamat (Chirag Patil), Shriya Jog (Veena Jagtap) and Riya (Smita Gondkar) study in the same college and are close friends. Rahul is in love with Shriya, a fact which everyone in the college knows. However, Shriya, who considers Rahul a close friend, is unaware of Rahul’s love for her. A new student, Aditya Sabnis (Kashyap Parulekar), joins college. Both, Shriya and Riya, fall in love with Aditya. Aditya is such a conscientious boy that it is only after Rahul lies to Aditya that there is no love for Shriya from his side that he (Aditya) reciprocates Shriya’s love. Finally, Aditya gets married to Shriya but they both are murdered when they go for their honeymoon to Rahul’s hotel in Goa. Who has murdered the newly-weds? The mystery gets solved at the anniversary celebrations of Rahul’s hotel, where Shriya’s father (Pradeep Welankar) is also present. There is another shock which the invitees at the anniversary party have to contend with: Michael Braganza (Vidyadhar Joshi), who has made all the arrangements for the party, has a daughter, Saniya, who looks exactly like Shriya. Is Shriya really dead? Is Aditya dead? Who killed them? And why?

Deepak Tarkar has written a childish story and an equally kiddish screenplay. Because of the gaping holes in the drama, the entertainment quotient never really rises to any appreciable level. The audience just doesn’t connect with the unfolding drama after a point of time. Deepak Tarkar’s dialogues are average.

Chirag Patil does a fair job as Rahul Kamat. Veena Jagtap is alright as Shriya Jog. Kashyap Parulekar is okay as Aditya Sabnis. Smita Gondkar does a reasonable job as Riya. Pradeep Welankar lends average support as Shriya’s father. Smita Jayakar is okay in a brief role as Aditya’s mother. Vidyadhar Joshi acts ably as Michael Braganza. Tapan Acharya has his moments as Pratik. Vijay Patkar (as Prof. Patkar), Surekha Kudchi (as Miss Mary), Atul Kavthalkar (as Vicky), Tirtha Murbadkar (as Sonali), Durva Salokhe (as Roshni), Kanwalpreet Singh (as Pappu Sardar), and the others lend ordinary support.

Shirish Rane’s direction is average. Sonali-Uday’s music is okay. Lyrics (Abhijit Joshi and Sanjay Warang) are alright. Phulawa Khamkar and Rajesh Bidwe’s choreography is good. Anurag Dubey and Mayur Rao’s background music is quite appropriate. Dhananjay Kulkarni’s cinematography is up to the mark. Amol Khanvilkar’s editing ought to have been tighter.

On the whole, Dil Dosti Deewangi is a flop show.

Released on 13-10-’23 at Jai Hind Mukta A2 (daily 1 show) and other cinemas of Bombay thru Filmastra Studios. Publicity & opening: poor.