‘GADKARI’ (MARATHI) REVIEW | 27 October, 2023

AK Cinema and Akshay Deshmukh Films’ Gadkari (Marathi) is the story of Union minister Nitin Gadkari. It particularly emphasises on the Bombay-Nagpur expressway which, on Gadkari’s insistence, was made by the government instead of being contracted to any private party. Gadkari is known for his stress on infrastructure development.

Anurag Rajan Bhusari has written a good story on the life of the leader. His screenplay is fair. Although there are interesting portions in the drama, some parts are also dull and a bit boring. Bhusari’s dialogues are impactful.

Rahul Chopda does not look like a hero. His appearance (as Nitin Gadkari) also does not resemble that of Nitin Gadkari. Aishwarya Dorle does a fine job. Abhilash Bhusari lends ordinary support. Pushpak Bhatt is adequate. Abhay Navhate, Vedant Deshmukh and Trupti Pramila Kalkar provide routine support.

Anurag Rajan Bhusari’s direction is average. He has not been able to make a moving human drama. Music (Ajit Parab and Radhika Bhusari) and lyrics (Abhay Navhate and Radhika Bhusari) are ordinary. Mangesh Dhakde’s background music is fairly nice. Mihir Upendra Phate’s camerawork is of a good standard. Ashwin Sanjay Bharde’s editing is alright.

On the whole, Gadkari is a fairly well made film but it does not have much masala to succeed at the ticket counters.

Released on 27-10-’23 at Plaza (daily 1 show) and other cinemas of Bombay thru August Entertainment. Publicity & opening: poor.