The Coronavirus pandemic lockdown has affected different people differently. Those working in the film industry have been so adversely affected that a few committed suicide and many others are neck-deep in debt. Character actor Javed Haider, who has entertained people with his natural acting in a number of films, is one such actor who is in a financial mess. He has run out of his finances.

Believe it or not but he does not have money to pay his daughter’s school fees. She studies in Std. VIII. Javed went to speak to the school authorities and request them to give him some time to pay the fees or forgo the payment. Having already given him a concession of three months’ fees, the school refused to do either. Consequently, the school has stopped her from attending online classes. Javed is too embarrassed of asking for financial assistance from the industry people.

Perhaps, producers like Salman Khan, Madhur Bhandarkar and Boney Kapoor should come forward and help Javed as he has worked in their films like Radhe, Dabangg 3, Chandni Bar, Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji and Wanted. Or maybe, one of the trade associations can step in. An early action in this regard is of utmost importance so that Haider’s daughter does not miss too many of her classes.