LATEST POSITION | 28 October, 2023

This week’s new releases opened to dismal houses. Of all the films, TEJAS, starring Kangana Ranaut, was the most expensive and so was expected to hold sway over the box-office but it disappointed miserably.

Ganapath met with a disastrous fate in its first week and will entail heavy losses to all concerned. Its collections matched those of non-star cast films at many places. Not even the Dassera festival could salvage its position. Its first day closed at Rs. 2.25 crore. Collections on Saturday and Sunday were Rs. 1.75 crore and Rs. 1.85 crore respectively, taking the first weekend’s total to Rs. 5.85 crore. Collections for the weekdays were: Monday – Rs. 0.95 crore, Tuesday (Dassera) – Rs. 1.10 crore, Wednesday – Rs. 0.65 crore, Thursday – Rs. 0.45 crore. In this way, the total for the weekdays was Rs. 3.15 crore. Hence the first week closed at Rs. 9 crore.

Yaariyan 2 proved a debacle in the first week as it faced rejection all over. Its collections were miserable. It netted Rs. Rs. 1.50 crore in the first weekend, and another Rs. 0.70 crore during the weekdays. Therefore, the first week closed at Rs. 2.20 crore.

Pyaar Hai Toh Hai was a non-starter in 1st week.

Leo (dubbed) did quite well in the first week. Its performance was fair at places but dull at other places. Yet, it managed decent collections on the strength of masses. It netted Rs. 3.51 crore on the first day (Thursday). Collections dropped to Rs. 1.89 crore on Friday. The total for Saturday was Rs. 2.89 crore while it netted Rs. 3.26 crore on Sunday. Hence its first 4-day weekend closed at Rs. 11.55 crore. Collections for the weekdays were: Monday – Rs. 1.89 crore, Tuesday (Dassera holiday) – Rs. 2.89 crore, Wednesday – Rs. 1.38 crore, Thursday – Rs. 1.14 crore. In this way, the total for the weekdays was Rs. 7.30 crore. The first 8-day week, therefore, closed at Rs. 18.85 crore.

Tiger Nageswara Rao (dubbed) netted poor collections in 1st week.

Ghost (dubbed) fared badly in the first week.

Bagha Jatin (dubbed) went unsung in 1st week.

The Exorcist: Believer (dubbed and the original English versions) netted Rs. 0.22 crore in its third weekend, and another Rs. 0.17 crore during the weekdays, taking its total for 3rd week to Rs. 0.39 crore. Grand total for 3 weeks: Rs. 9.93 crore.

Fukrey 3 collected Rs. 1.06 crore in the fourth weekend, and another Rs. 1.17 crore during the weekdays. Hence the total for the fourth week was Rs. 2.23 crore. Grand total for 4 weeks: Rs. 95.24 crore.

Boyz 4 (Marathi) did fairly well in 1st week all over Maharashtra. It scored in pockets but fared average in other places.