LATEST POSITION | 3 June, 2023

ZARA HAT KE ZARA BACH KE opened to mediocre houses yesterday (June 2).

Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi Hai opened in cinemas yesterday (June 2) after being premiered on Zee5 on May 23.

Jogira Sara Ra Ra performed poorly in 1st week. Collections on the weekdays, especially, were very dull.

Aazam turned out to be a disaster in the first week.

NRI Wives bombed miserably in 1st week.

The Creator Sarjanhar proved to be a debacle in the first week.

Chal Zindagi bombed miserably in 1st week.

Auhaam turned out to be a debacle in 1st week.

LaVaste was a dead duck at the turnstiles in 1st week.

Pyara Kulhad turned out to be disastrous at the ticket windows in the first week.

2018 (dubbed) went largely unnoticed in the first week and hence met with a disastrous fate.

Fast X (dubbed and the original English versions) almost joined the Rs. 100-crore club at the end of its second week. It started its second weekend with a net collection total of Rs. 3.03 crore on Friday. Collections jumped to Rs. 5.51 crore on Saturday. The total for Sunday was Rs. 5.41 crore. After a weekend total of Rs. 13.95 crore, collections for the weekdays were as follows: Monday – Rs. 2 crore, Tuesday – Rs. 1.95 crore, Wednesday – Rs. 1.84 crore, Thursday – Rs. 1.34 crore. In this way, the total for the weekdays was Rs. 7.13 crore. Total for 2nd week: Rs. 21.08 crore. Grand total for 2 weeks: Rs. 99.71 crore.

The Kerala Story continued its victory march in the fourth week too. It commenced the fourth weekend with a take of Rs. 2.50 crore on Friday. Collections on Saturday soared to Rs. 4.25 crore. The Sunday total was Rs. 4.75 crore. Therefore, the total for the fourth weekend was Rs. 11.50 crore. The collections for the weekdays were: Monday – Rs. 1.85 crore, Tuesday – Rs. 1.80 crore, Wednesday – Rs. 1.60 crore, Thursday – Rs. 1.55 crore. In this way, the total for the weekdays was Rs. 6.80 crore. Hence the fourth week closed at Rs. 18.30 crore. Grand total for 4 weeks: Rs. 225.15 crore.

Raavrambha (Marathi) did ordinary in 1st week all over Maharashtra.

Django JD (Marathi) bombed miserably in 1st week all over Maharashtra.

Get Together (Marathi) cut a sorry picture in the first week in Maharashtra.

Bushirt T-Shirt (Gujarati) is unstoppable. It performed very well in 4th week too, all over Gujarat and Saurashtra.