Malayalam filmmaker Ali Akbar was so revolted by several Muslims putting smiley emojis below posts and comments on social media on the recent demise of Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat that he and his wife have decided to renounce Islam and convert to Hinduism.

According to Akbar, top Islamic leaders had failed to condemn such actions by “anti-nationals”, which infuriated him and led to him losing faith in the religion. He posted a video on his Facebook page last week about it. “Today, I am throwing away an attire I received by birth,” said Akbar in the video. He added, “From today onwards, I am not a Muslim. I am an Indian. That is my reply to those people who posted thousands of smiling emoticons against India.” In another post, he said, “The nation should identify those who smile at the death of the CDS and punish them.”

Ali Akbar believes that a majority of those who celebrated the news of Rawat’s death were Muslims. He feels, they did so because Rawat had taken action against Pakistan and militants in Kashmir. It may be mentioned here that Akbar had quit as the BJP’s state committee member in October this year due to a disagreement with the party leadership.