‘VASH’ REVIEW | 21 July, 2023

Twin Flame Productions’ Vash (A) is a horror film about a spirit which troubles a young lady.

Anchal (Ganga Mamgai) and Rakshit (Vivek Jetly) get married. Strange things happen at the time of the marriage, and they continue well after that too. One tantrik feels, there’s a spirit in the house, and he tries to correct the situation but things don’t improve much. Another tantrik, Jagannath Shastri (Rituraj Singh), intervenes. With the help of an old man in the village, a dark secret of 70 years ago comes out in the open. Is Jagannath Shastri able to set matters right?

Jagmeet Singh Samundri has penned a routine horror story which is hardly thrilling or chilling. One has seen such stories in a number of horror films earlier too. Samundri’s screenplay is shallow and fails to excite the audience. Rather, the drama becomes boring at several places. Jagmeet Singh Samundri’s dialogues are dull.

Ganga Mamgai does an average job as Anchal. Vivek Jetly is okay as Rakshit. Rituraj Singh performs well in the role of Jagannath Shastri. Vishal Sudarshanwar is average as Behram. Kaveri Priyam lends routine support as TV reporter Pooja. Mahabir Bhullar (as Thakur Ram Singh), Pihu Sharma (as Thakur Ram Singh’s daughter, Janhvi), Preeti Kochar (as Rakshit’s mother), Srikant Dwivedi (as Rocky) and Promita Banik (as Riya) lend routine support. Others barely pass muster.

Jagmeet Singh Samundri’s direction is weak. His editing is loose. Mukhtar Sahota’s music is dull. Lyrics (Ajay Garg) are below the mark. Even the song picturisations (by Longines Fernandes and Shafi Shaikh) are poor. Madhav Vijay’s background music hardly deserves mention. Manoj Shaw’s cinematography is ordinary. K. Ganesh’s action and stunt scenes lack fire. Deepak Chakraborty’s art direction is below the mark.

On the whole, Vash is a disastrous fare.

Released on 21-7-’23 at Maratha Mandir (daily 1 show) and other cinemas of Bombay thru Jai Viratra Entertainment Ltd. Publicity & opening: poor. …….Also released all over.