LAFANGE NAWAB | 16 November, 2019

Gulshan Anand Films and Sanoj Mishra Films’ Lafange Nawab (UA) is the story of a young man who is so obsessed with his friends that he doesn’t even know that they are not worth befriending.

Yug (Robin Sohi) loves his friends so much that he can’t see beyond them. His passion is music. His close friend, Jackie (Ratan Rathaur), is a womaniser. He almost drives Nisha to suicide. But Amy (Larissa Chakz) decides to help Nisha expose Jackie. However, Amy is killed.

The person arrested for Amy’s murder is Yug’s businessman-father (Manoj Bakshi). The father had wanted to make Yug realise how untrustworthy his friends were — and for this, he had orchestrated Amy’s murder. But when Amy is actually killed, the police arrest Yug’s father.

Who murdered Amy? And why?

Abid Husain’s script is kiddish and hardly has any substance to entertain, engage or keep the audience involved. His story is routine while his screenplay is clichéd and predictable. His dialogues are not worth mentioning separately.

Robin Sohi is ordinary as Yug. Ritam Bhardwaj is average as his girlfriend. Ratan Rathaur is routine as Jackie. Larissa Chakz hardly impresses in the role of Amy. Manoj Bakshi lends ordinary support as Yug’s father. Nisha Shrivastav and the others barely fit the bill.

Sanoj Mishra’s direction is terribly poor. Music (Ali-Faisal and Danish Ali) and lyrics (Pushpendra Singh, Sanoj Mishra and Mohit Akash Diwan) are below the mark. Song picturisations (by Mayank Srivastava and Remo Dabblu) hardly deserve mention. Shadab Khan’s camerawork just about passes muster. Bobby Singh’s action and stunts lack thrill. Bhupesh Salaskar’s sets are below the mark. Editing (Rajesh Shah) is loose.

On the whole, Lafange Nawab is a dull fare.

Released on 16-11-’19 (Saturday) at Imperial (daily 1 show) of Bombay thru R.B. Combines. Publicity & opening: very poor. …….Also released all over. Opening was weak everywhere.