LATEST POSITION | 8 June, 2019

Bharat was off to a flying start on Eid (Wednesday, June 5) and althou­gh collections in the morning shows were not great at many places, they became solid from 12 noon. The film managed a net total of Rs. 42.30 crore on the first day, which is the highest for a Salman Khan starrer. Collections dropped by 30% on the second day – despite Baasi Eid – because of generally negative reviews and reports. The second day closed at Rs. 29 crore. The question on everyone’s lips in the trade is whether the film is another Tubelight – the answer to which is ‘No’. The other question is whether the film will join the 200-crore club, to which the ans­wer is ‘It will not’.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix (dubbed) and the original of the same name didn’t open too strong. It netted Rs. 3 crore on Wednesday (June 5) and collected Rs. 2 crore on the second day.

Nakkash was rejected by the pay­ing public in the first week.

Naughty Gang could not do any­thing exciting in 1st week.

Godzilla II – King Of The Mons­ters (dubbed) and the English original of the same name collected Rs. 2.35 crore on the first day (Thursday). Coll­ections increased to Rs. 3.10 crore on Friday, further increased to Rs. 4.45 crore on Saturday, and increased even further to Rs. 5.20 crore on Sunday. In this way, it netted Rs. 15.10 crore in the 4-day weekend. Collections on the first two days of the weekdays were good but once Bharat opened on Wednesday, the drop was perceptible. It collected Rs. 1.80 crore on Monday, Rs. 1.85 crore on Tuesday, Rs. 0.80 crore on Wednesday, and Rs. 0.60 crore on Thursday. Its total for the weekdays was Rs. 5.05 crore. The total for the 8-day week was Rs. 20.15 crore.

PM Narendra Modi collected Rs. 1.05 crore on the first day of the sec­ond weekend, Rs. 1.50 crore on the second day, and Rs. 2.25 crore on the third day. After a second weekend total of Rs. 4.80 crore, collections were mediocre on Monday (Rs. 0.75 crore) and Tuesday (Rs. 0.80 crore) but they came crashing down on Wednesday (Rs. 0.20 crore) and Thursday (Rs. 0.15 crore). In other words, it netted Rs. 1.90 crore during the weekdays, taking the second week’s total to Rs. 6.70 crore. The grand total for 2 weeks is Rs. 23.35 crore.

India’s Most Wanted crashed in the second week everywhere.

Aladdin (dubbed) and the English original of the same name dropped a little more than 50% in 2nd week. It collected Rs. 2 crore on the first day of the second weekend, Rs. 3.15 crore on Saturday, and Rs. 3.80 crore on Sunday. After a second weekend total of Rs. 8.95 crore, the collections dur­ing the weekdays were also quite good: Monday – Rs. 1.50 crore, Tues­day – Rs. 1.70 crore, Wednesday – Rs. 1 crore, Thursday – Rs. 0.70 crore. It, therefore, added Rs. 4.90 crore to its kitty during the weekdays. Its total for the second week was, therefore, Rs. 13.85 crore. Total for 2 weeks: Rs. 44 crore.

De De Pyaar De fell 50% in the third week, collecting Rs. 11.30 crore. It netted Rs. 1.75 crore on day 1 of the third weekend, Rs. 2.50 crore on Sat­urday, and Rs. 3.40 crore on Sunday. In other words, it collected Rs. 7.65 crore in the third weekend. Collections during weekdays were as follows: Monday – Rs. 1.35 crore, Tuesday – Rs. 1.35 crore, Wednesday (thanks to opposition of new release Bharat) – Rs. 0.50 crore, Thursday – Rs.  0.45 crore. By adding Rs. 3.65 crore during the weekdays, it took its third week’s total to Rs. 11.30 crore. Grand total for 3 weeks: Rs. 88.20 crore.


Babo (Marathi) failed to make its mark in 1st week in Bombay, Thane district and the rest of Maharashtra.

Koyta Ek Sangharsh (Marathi) faced rejection in the first week in Bombay and other centres of Maha­rashtra.