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LATEST POSITION | 13 July, 2019

Malaal failed to entertain the audi­ence, and went largely unnoticed. It started on a very slow note and picked up only a bit during the first week­end but collections came down again during the weekdays. It opened at just Rs. 0.45 crore. Collections increased to Rs. 0.55 crore on Saturday, and to Rs. 0.80 crore on Sunday, taking the first weekend’s total to Rs. 1.80 crore only. Collection figures during the weekdays were miserable: Rs. 0.27 crore on Monday, Rs. 0.20 crore on each of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. In this way, the film netted Rs. 0.87 crore in the weekdays, taking its first week’s total to a measly Rs. 2.67 crore. The love story, starring two newcomers in the lead roles, has turned out to be a debacle.

One Day met with a disastrous fate in its first week.

Marudhar Express faced comp­lete rejection in the first week.

Hume Tumse Pyaar Kitna recorded pathetic collections in 1st week.

Spider-Man: Far From Home (dubbed) and the English original of the same name as also the dubbed South (Tamil and Telugu) versions did very well in the first week. The film netted Rs. 10.05 crore on Thursday (paid previews). Collections dropped around 15% on Friday (Rs. 8.79 crore) but shot up to Rs. 12.41 crore on Saturday, and further to Rs. 15.41 crore on Sunday. It, therefore, collected a total of Rs. 46.66 crore in the 4-day weekend. Collections on the weekdays were as follows: Monday – Rs. 4.75 crore, Tuesday – Rs. 3.05 crore, Wednesday – Rs. 3.25 crore, Thursday – Rs. 3.35 crore. In other words, the film added Rs. 14.40 crore to its kitty during the weekdays, taking the total for 1st week to Rs. 61.06 crore. This is the highest collection for a Spider-Man film in India.

Article 15 maintained very well in its second week, adding a handsome Rs. 17.80 crore to its kitty. The film netted Rs. 2.50 crore on the first day of the second weekend. Collections jumped to Rs. 4 crore on Saturday, and even more, to Rs. 5.25 crore on Sunday. After a second weekend total of Rs. 11.75 crore, the film managed decent collections in the weekdays too: Monday – Rs. 1.90 crore, Tuesday – Rs. 1.25 crore, Wednesday – Rs. 1.40 crore, Thursday – Rs. 1.50 crore. It, therefore, added Rs. 6.05 crore to its kitty during the weekdays and hence took the total for the second week to Rs. 17.80 crore. The grand total for 2 weeks was Rs. 51.96 crore.

Annabelle Comes Home (dubbed) and the English original faced a steep fall in collections in 2nd week. It netted Rs. 0.55 crore on the second Friday, Rs. 0.90 crore on the second Satur­day, and Rs. 1.10 crore on the second Sunday. It, therefore, collected Rs. 2.55 crore in the second weekend.  Collections during the weekdays were: Monday – Rs. 0.38 crore, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – Rs. 0.30 crore each day. Therefore, it netted Rs. 1.28 crore during the weekdays and thereby took its total for the second week to Rs. 3.83 crore. Its grand total for 2 weeks went up to Rs. 29.08 crore.

Kabir Singh did fantastic business in the third week too. It is now app­roaching the Rs. 250-crore mark. The third weekend started with an impressive Rs. 5.40 crore on Friday. Collections jumped to Rs. 7.51 crore on Saturday, and further to Rs. 9.61 crore on Sunday, taking the third weekend’s total to Rs. 22.52 crore. Collections during the weekdays were: Monday – Rs. 4.25 crore, Tuesday – Rs. 3.20 crore, Wednesday – Rs. 3.11 crore, Thursday – Rs. 3.32 crore. So, it added Rs. 13.88 crore to its kitty in the weekdays, taking its third week’s total to Rs. 36.40 crore and the 3-week grand total to Rs. 249.60 crore.


Takatak (Marathi) continued its vic­tory march in 2nd week too in Bom­bay, Thane district and other stations of Maharashtra.


Shadaa(Punjabi) added Rs. 2.65 crore to its kitty in 3rd week. Its total for 3 weeks went up to Rs. 28.45 crore.