‘ARGYLLE’ (DUBBED) REVIEW | 2 February, 2024

Apple Studios, Marv Studios and Cloudy Productions’ Argylle (dubbed from the Hollywood film of the same name; UA) is the story of a reclusive lady novelist who writes books on espionage. A global spy syndicate is out to capture her. She soon realises that the plot of her novel is mirroring real-life events and in real time.

Jason Fuchs has written a story which gets quite confusing for the Indian audience in general and the Hindi film-going audience in particular. His screenplay is interesting in parts only. The confusion sometimes gets so irritating that the viewers don’t even attempt to decipher the drama. Dialogues are so-so.

Bryce Dallas Howard does well as novelist Elly Conway. Henry Cavill is good as Argylle. Sam Rockwell is impressive in the role of Aidan. Bryan Cranston makes his mark as Ritter. Catherine O’Hara lends fair support as Elly’s mother. Dua Lipa is effective as LaGrange. Ariana DeBose is impactful as Keira. Samuel L. Jackson makes his mark as Alfred Solomon. John Cena is nice as Wyatt. Sofia Boutella (as Saba Al-Badr), Richard E. Grant (as Fowler), Rob Delaney, Jing Lusi and Chip (as cat Alfie) do as desired.

Matthew Vaughn’s direction caters more to the class audience. His narration is good in parts only. Lorne Balfe’s background music is appealing. Camerawork (by George Richmond) is nice. Russell De Rozario and Daniel Taylor’s production designing is of a good standard. Lee Smith and Tom Harrison-Read’s editing is quite sharp. Dubbing is proper.

On the whole, Argylle has limitations as far as business of its dubbed version is concerned.

Released on 2-2-’24 at Gemini (daily 4 shows) and other cinemas of Bombay thru Warner Bros. Pictures (India) Pvt. Ltd. Publicity & opening: poor. …….Also released all over.