YOU ASKED IT | 2 February, 2024

Why has no major or even medium-budget film released this week?

– You will get to see a couple of more such weeks of no major release, this year. That’s because production had dropped down in the last two years as producers and stars were unsure about what would run and what wouldn’t. The impact of the slowdown will be felt this year.

Considering the revenues received or receivable from digital, satellite, Overseas theatrical and audio sales of Fighter, how much does it need to collect from India theatrical for earning handsomely?

– To break even, FIGHTER needs to net Rs. 275 crore from India. As that seems an impossibility, where’s the question of the producers making a profit or, as you say, “earning handsomely”. The rate at which collections dropped from Monday onwards clearly suggested that the film would not even break even.

Is it true that many stars of big films have stopped promoting films the way they used to do in the pre-COVID days? If so, why?

– Yes, several top stars have reduced promotional activity to the bare minimum. Reasons of each star are different, so it cannot be specified why this is happening. Yes, but one thing is for sure. If one top star does not promote his film, several others emulate him. However, just because less promotion may have worked for one film or one star, it is not necessary that it will work likewise for all the films or all the stars.