‘SAROJ KA RISHTA’ REVIEW | 16 September, 2022

Kapoor Films Inc., Aena Productions, Ambi Abhi Productions and Garg Films’ Saroj Ka Rishta (UA) is the story of an overweight girl.

Saroj (Sanah Kapoor) is overweight but is proud of her body. She works in a marriage bureau. Saroj used to love Vikram when they were kids. But they were separated as Vikram had gone away to Canada in his childhood. One day, Saroj’s bureau gets Vikram’s (Randeep Rai) biodata for match-making. Saroj’s colleague photoshops a photograph of Saroj to make her look slim, and sends that picture to Vikram as a prospective bride because Vikram is keen on marrying a slim girl. Here, Saroj joins Shantanu’s (Gaurav Pandey) gymnasium to reduce weight for Vikram. Incidentally, Shantanu had fallen in love with Saroj at first sight but the latter considers him only as a friend.

Vikram comes to India and meets Saroj. Meanwhile, Shantanu is now convinced that Saroj loves Vikram very much. Therefore, Shantanu decides to marry another girl. What happens thereafter?

Deepak Kapur Bhardwaj has written a story which is as predictable as night following day. Saroj being proud of her body looks weird, especially in today’s times when youngsters are so health-conscious. Bhardwaj’s screenplay is not very engaging because the drama moves on the expected path from the start till the end. Deepak Kapur Bhardwaj’s dialogues are quite nice.

Sanah Kapoor acts very well as Saroj. Kumud Mishra performs very ably as Saroj’s father, Ramkala. Gaurav Pandey is likeable as Shantanu. Randeep Rai is so-so as Vikram. Mukesh Bhatt lends fair support as Saroj’s paternal uncle. Neelu Kohli is appealing as Saroj’s paternal aunt. Hemant Chopra is entertaining in the role of Saroj’s friend, Pintu. Kritika Awasthi lends average support as Saroj’s colleague, Inaya. Priyanka Bhole (as Saroj’s cousin) and Paras Gandhi (as Chintan) lend ordinary support.

Abhishek Saxena’s direction is alright but the script plays the spoilsport. Music (Rahul Jain, Raees, Zain Sam and Vicky Agarwal) is appealing. Lyrics (Kunaal Verma, Sanjeev Chaturvedi, Liyaqat Jafri, Sonu Saggu, Dheeraj Pandey, Pawan Kumar and Mukesh Singh) are quite nice. Shabina Khan’s choreography passes muster. Background music (Rooshin Dalal and Kaizad Gherda) ought to have been far better. Vasudeo Rane’s cinematography is so-so. Mohd. Hanif Shaikh’s action and stunt scenes are functional. Prabhat Thakur’s production designing is average. Paresh Manjrekar’s editing is crisp.

On the whole, Saroj Ka Rishta will not develop any kind of fruitful relationship with the audience. Flop.

Released on 16-9-’22 at Glamour (daily 1 show) and other cinemas of Bombay thru White Lion Entertainment. Publicity & opening: weak. …….Also released all over.