YOU ASKED IT | 24 May, 2024


What do you think of the trailer of Chandu Champion?

– It’s an impressive trailer. Since the story is uplifting and inspirational, it will resonate well with the audience. The producers should keep the tempo of the promotion going till the release and, if need be, thereafter too.

Is there an audience for a futuristic film like Kalki 2898 AD?

– Why not? There’s an audience for every kind of cinema which entertains. The audience don’t go to the cinemas basis the genre. They go to watch a film if it gives them value for money. Nothing more than that, nothing less than that!

In the pre-Covid days, ordinary films used to do at least average business at the ticket windows, but nowadays, such films bomb and don’t even recover their cost. Will the scene change for the better or will those times never return?

– In films as in life, never say never!