YOU ASKED IT | 30 June, 2023

Why did Satyaprem Ki Katha not take a very good start yesterday?

– It’s because the film is a love story and a family drama, the feel of which was evident from its trailer (which, incidentally, was loved by the public). It is common knowledge that family dramas and love stories usually don’t open big. Having said that, it must be added that the opening was a bit disappointing considering the fact that yesterday was a holiday for Eid. 

I am a wealthy businessman who now wants to turn a producer too. I’ve signed a National Award-winning director for my first film. Whom should I cast in my film?

– Firstly, your cast will depend upon the script. Secondly, the National Award-winning director may be more interested in making a film for critical acclaim than a box-office winner. That may not go well with your intent to make a commercially viable film. I am assuming that your intention is to make money in film production too, like you’ve made money in your other business/businesses.  

Why are stars paid such hefty fees whereas writers are paid pittance in comparison?

– Because stars are in short supply. Also, because films are sold on the strength of star names, not writers’ names. The public goes to watch films basis the stars in it, not because a particular writer has scripted it.