YOU ASKED IT | 9 February, 2024

Why is the pre-release promotion of some films not up to the mark? After all, when producers spend so much to make their films, why can’t they market them well?

– Like making films is a gamble, marketing them is also a gamble. Whether the marketing strategy will work with the public or not, is not easy to predict. So, sometimes, a film’s promotion budget may be big but the quality of promotion and, therefore, its impact may be below the mark. Oftentimes, producers lose steam by the time their film is complete, and they have no money or little money left to promote and market their film.

Will there be a clash between Bade Miyan Chote Miyan and Maidaan on Eid or will it be averted?

– There will very likely be a big clash this Eid because the producers of both the films seem inclined to release their film on Eid. The shootings of both, BADE MIYAN CHOTE MIYAN and MAIDAAN, are complete, and their post-production work is on in full swing. There is very little chance, therefore, of the release plans of any of the two films changing.

I have a fabulous story but I am unable to put together a film project. Where am I going wrong?

– Who has said that your story is fabulous? Is it your belief or has someone who understands scripts and is independent, said so? If it is only you who believes in the script but not any actor or producer or financier, chances are that you are going wrong in the assessment of the story.