KEEP SAFE DISTANCE | 15 November, 2019

Rama Dhanraj Production’s Keep Safe Distance (A) is the story of a call girl.

Sonia ATM (Sagarika Neha) is a call girl who sells her body to politicians and rich businessmen. She also doubles up as a messiah for the needy and the downtrodden. Salim Sultan (Shahbaaz Khan) is an underworld don, Somnath (Kiran Kumar) is a minister, and Vijay Suryavanshi (Jai Yadav) is an ACP. The story revolves around the aforementioned characters. The ACP wants Sonia ATM to help him nab the underworld don. Will Sonia oblige?

Raama Mehra’s story and screenplay are so childish that they just don’t have any impact on the audiences. The drama is as predictable as predictable can be. Also, since there’s no novelty, it is unable to sustain the interest of the viewers. Raama Mehra’s dialogues are dull.

Sagarika Neha is ordinary as Sonia ATM. Jai Yadav does a routine job as ACP Vijay Suryavanshi. Shahbaaz Khan is okay as underworld don Salim Sultan. Kiran Kumar lends ordinary support in the role of minister Somnath. Mushtaq Khan, Adi Irani, Vikas Anand, Pradeep Kabra, Anil Nagrath, Shilpa Gandhi and Monika Ravan provide commonplace support.

Raama Mehra’s direction is terribly weak. Damodar Rao’s music is functional. Lyrics (by Rahul Sharma and Ajit Mondal) are commonplace. Ajit Gade’s choreography is ordinary. S. Pappu’s camerawork is hardly worth mentioning separately. Sunil Singh’s sets are so-so. Darshan Singh’s action and stunts are not very exciting. Editing leaves a lot to be desired.

On the whole, Keep Safe Distance will live up to its title as the audience will not go anywhere close to the cinemas screening it. Flop.

Released on 15-11-’19 at Movie Time Goregaon (daily 1 show) and other cinemas of Bombay thru Jai Viratra Entertainment Ltd. Publicity & opening: terribly poor. …….Also released all over.