MISS YOU MISS (Marathi) | 24 January, 2020

Shri Omkar Arts, Grey Cat Productions, Kshama Entertainments and R.S. Mahadik Production’s Miss You Miss (Marathi; UA) is the story of a man who helps bring together the warring parents of his beloved.

Priti (Tejaswini Patil) is a dentist while Adinath (Bhagyesh Desai) is an architect. The two fall in love with each other.

Priti is unhappy about the fact that her parents can’t see eye to eye. Much as she may try, she is unable to make them resolve their differences. Having failed, she now takes Adinath’s help in making her parents come close to each other once again. Do Priti and Adinath succeed?

Bhagyesh Desai’s story and screenplay are quite frivolous and they don’t really make much entertainment sense. Even his dialogues are far from being impressive.

Bhagyesh Desai is ordinary as Adinath. Tejaswini Patil does an average job in the role of Priti. Mohan Joshi lends nice support. Ashwini Ekbote is good. Kishore Nandlaskar leaves a mark.

Shyam Nimbalkar’s direction is weak. Music (Salil Amrute and Bhagyesh Desai) and lyrics (Ashwini Shende and Bhagyesh Desai) are not very appealing. Amit Baing’s song picturisations are ordinary. Salil Amrute’s background music is okay. Ashwin Prabhakar’s camerawork is commonplace. Rupesh Pande and Sunil Singh’s art direction are not of a good standard. Editing (Nilesh Gavand) could’ve been sharper.

On the whole, Miss You Miss is such a poor fare that it will be given a miss by the majority of the prospective audience.

Released on 24-1-’20 at Bharatmata (daily 1 show) and other cinemas of Bombay thru Jumping Tomato Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Publicity & opening: poor.