Thursday, January 21, 2021


Shakeela could not do anything substantial at the box-office in the first week. It started extremely slow and did not show improvement as the week progressed.

Tute Kanch bombed miserably in the first week wherever it was released.

WW84, in its original and Hindi and other dubbed versions, fared the best among the post-lockdown releases. It netted around Rs. 0.80 crore in paid previews on Wednesday. The total for Thursday was Rs. 1.40 crore. Collections picked up by 50% on Friday so that the day ended at Rs. 2.10 crore. Saturday and Sunday saw the film closing at Rs. 1.70 crore and Rs. 1.75 crore respectively. In this way, the first weekend closed at Rs. 7.75 crore. Collections on the weekdays were as follows: Monday – Rs. 0.75 crore, Tuesday – Rs. 0.60 crore, Wednesday – Rs. 0.55 crore, Thursday – Rs. 0.50 crore. With a weekdays’ total of Rs. 2.40 crore, the first week’s grand total went up to Rs. 10.15 crore. Warner Bros.’ earlier cinema release, Tenet, had netted Rs. 6.75 crore in the first week, and another Rs. 1.80 crore in 2nd week. As compared to Rs. 8.55 crore of Tenet in the first 2 weeks, WW84 netted Rs. 10.15 crore in the first week.

LATEST POSITION | 20 December, 2020

Indoo Ki Jawani fared poorly in the first week. It took a dismal start and also failed to improve as the week progressed. The first week ended at less than even Rs. 1.5 crore! Yes, the entire week could not even amass a crore-and-a-half from all-India.

Tenet (English and Hindi dubbed) netted around Rs. 1.80 crore in 2nd week. Collections maintained mainly in the IMAX screens and the premium multiplexes of the big cities. Adding the first week’s net of Rs. 6.75 crore, the two-week total went up to Rs. 8.55 crore.

LATEST POSITION | 12 December, 2020

Tenet (English and Hindi dubbed) did well in the first week in the IMAX screens and the high-end multiplexes of the big cities. Its performance was dull, as expected, in most single-screen cinemas and lesser multiplexes as also in the smaller cities and towns. The original and all dubbed versions together collected Rs. 1.4 crore on the first day. Collections increased a bit on day 2 which closed at Rs. 1.5 crore. Sunday recorded a figure of Rs. 1.6 crore. After a first weekend total of Rs. 4.5 crore, the film managed to net Rs. 2.25 crore in the weekdays. Its total of Rs. 6.75 crore is quite alright, considering that cinemas are running at 50% capacities, and people are still not coming to the cinemas in large numbers for fear of contracting the coronavirus.

LATEST POSITION | 20 November, 2020

Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari found appreciation but since people have still not started visiting cinemas in large numbers, it did not manage to garner even average collections, leave alone impressive collections in the first week. The public is still not sure about the safety and security of enclosed spaces like cinema halls and is, therefore, not coming to the cinemas in substantial numbers. This was the main reason why a comedy entertainer like Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari could not deliver in monetary terms despite delivering in terms of content. The film netted Rs. 65 lakh on the first day (Sunday, New Year holiday), Rs. 51 lakh on day 2, Rs. 36 lakh on the third day, Rs. 27 lakh on the fourth day, and Rs. 15 lakh on day 5. The first week’s (5 days) total, therefore, was only Rs. 1.94 crore.