Singer Ankit Tiwari has posted a video on his social media, alleging harassment and misbehaviour by the staff of Royal Plaza Hotel in Delhi. He said, he had recently checked into the Delhi five-star hotel around 7.30 p.m. on his return from Hardwar. He was accompanied by his wife and three-year-old daughter. The family was to leave for Vrindavan the following morning. According to Ankit, the check-in procedure took a good 45 minutes, after which he went to the room allotted to him and his family. They placed order for dinner but they were neither served dinner nor water for three hours. After a while, the room service staff stopped taking his calls to enquire about his order.

The hotel staff spoke rudely to the singer and were not even apologetic for the undue delay in serving dinner. Ankit kept pleading with the hotel staff to at least serve some dinner for his little daughter but to no avail. The child slept hungry after crying for hours together. The hotel staff did not even agree to refund Ankit Tiwari the room tariff when he volunteered to check out from there and check into another hotel. Instead, the manager called the police who were also rude and insulting. Ankit says, he has never seen staff in a five-star hotel behave so badly with customers.