Apoorva Vyas To Start Three Projects With Rajpal Yadav | 2 July, 2021

Writer-producer-director Apoorva Vyas (second from left in photograph) has announced three projects — two films and a web series — with Rajpal Yadav in the lead roles. At the posters unveiling ceremony recently, Vyas said, the first will be a web series, The Code In Hungary, which will be a spy drama to be mostly shot in Hungary. Rajpal Yadav will play an Interpol director while Seema Pandey (extreme left in picture) will play an Interpol officer in it. The two films will be titled Father On Sale and Krazy King. Father On Sale will star Rajpal as a rags-to-riches father. Others in the cast are Hemant Pandey (extreme right), Manoj Pahwa and Tanya Desai. It will be shot in the UK from where other artistes will be finalised. Krazy King will see Rajpal in the title role. A tribute to Charlie Chaplin, the film will be shot in the USA. The films will be shot after the web series.