Utterup Films and Phenomenal Crafts Pvt. Ltd.’s Bajrang Aur Ali (UA) is the story of two bosom pals who belong to different communities.

Bajrang (Jaiveer Sharma) and Ali (Sachin Parikh) are very close friends. They live in Ujjain. Due to the fact that they belong to different communities, their brothers — Dev and Shoaib — don’t approve of their friendship. One day, Shoaib gives his four friends a place to live in on the outskirts of Ujjain city. Bajrang and Ali see the four friends — Atahullah (Yugant Badri Pandey) and three others — with arms and ammunition. They are convinced that the four are terrorists. They are right in their belief, but Shoaib is unwilling to buy this story.

On the day of Holi, Bajrang and Ali consume bhaang and exchange their clothes. Bajrang dresses up like Ali, and Ali also dresses up like Bajrang. On the same day, Shoaib asks Atahullah to kill Bajrang because he has his own reasons for it and also because he resents Ali’s friendship with Bajrang. But Atahullah ends up killing Ali because he was in Bajrang’s attire.

Jaiveer’s story is predictable and uninteresting. His screenplay is so unidimensional that it hardly involves the viewers. The point of Bajrang and Ali changing their clothes after playing Holi is a very weak link in the drama because it is not as if it was usual for Bajrang and Ali to swap their clothes. Amit Mishra’s dialogues are dull.

Jaiveer Sharma does quite well as Bajrang. Sachin Parikh does not look like a hero. He is okay as Ali. Gauri Shankar lends ordinary support as Ali’s brother, Shoaib. Yugant Badri Pandey is effective as Atahullah. Riddhima Gupta is so-so as Bajrang’s girlfriend, Divya. Others pass muster.

Jaiveer’s direction is dull. Yug Bhusal’s music is dull. Lyrics (Rammi Indorewale and Yug Bhusal) are functional. Sameer Phaterpekar’s background music is below the mark. Ravi Bhatt’s camerawork is just about passable. Murlidhar J. Sabat’s art direction hardly deserves mention. Bharat’s editing is loose.

On the whole, Bajrang Aur Ali is a flop show.

Released on 7-6-’24 at Metro Inox (daily 1 show) and other cinemas of Bombay thru August Entertainment. Publicity & opening: poor. …….Also released all over. Opening was weak everywhere.