‘BLACK MARKET’ REVIEW | 5 November, 2021

Released last week in U.P. (at Kanpur), Happy Crowd Entertainment’s Black Market (A) is the story of two rival gangs operating in Bombay. Each gang wants to get hold of the black market and rule over it.

Razia Pathan has penned an extremely predictable story which affords no novelty. Pathan’s screenplay is also dull and drab. Dialogues, written by Razia Pathan, Qamaruddin Falak and Shaukat Mirza, are far from appealing.

Attin Bhalla does an ordinary job. Milind Gunaji acts reasonably well. Mohan Joshi is effective. Kashmera Shah is so-so. Deepak Shirke has his moments. Rohit Mehta lends routine support.

Arjun Raaj’s direction is weak. Music (Rayyan and Ajay Vas) is below the mark. Lyrics (Sahil Azmi, S.R. Bharti and Dharmendra K. Bagel) are ordinary. Ricky Gupta’s choreography passes muster. Camerawork (by Shakti Soni) is hardly worth a separate mention. Rocky James’ action choreography is so-so. Editing is loose.

On the whole, Black Market is a flop show.