‘COME ON YAAR’ REVIEW | 9 September, 2022

Released last week in Bombay and U.P., Image Art Creations’ Come On Yaar (UA) is a disastrous fare, about how peer pressure and the thrill of appearing cool act as the springboard for all things wrong.

Rajeshwar Pandey Raaj’s script and direction are both unbelievably childish. Performances by Tanzeem Alam, Amlesh Jaiswal, Manoj Jaiswal, Garima Kapoor, Mahi Kaur and Vineeta Malik are dull. Atul Parchure and Deepraj Rana are effective.

Arjun Tandon and Saurabh Sharma’s music hardly deserves separate mention. Camerawork and other technical values are ordinary.