‘DIL BECHARA’ | 24 July, 2020

Fox Star Studios’ Dil Bechara is the love story of two cancer patients. The official remake of Hollywood film The Fault In Our Stars, it is about Manny (Sushant Singh Rajput) and Kizzie Basu (Sanjana Sanghi).

Manny is a fun-loving young man who is not willing to be bogged down by the fact that he is suffering from cancer. He lives with his grandmother in Jamshedpur. His bosom pal, JP (Sahil Vaid), has cancer of the eyes. He has lost sight in one eye, and it’s a matter of a few days that he will lose sight in the other eye too. Kizzie has cancer of the thyroid. She has to constantly move with an oxygen cylinder. She too lives in Jamshedpur, with her parents (Saswata Chatterjee and Swastika Mukherjee). She is a fan of song writer Abhimanyu Veer and loves his song, ‘I’m yours’, which, incidentally, he has not completed. It is Kizzie’s ardent desire to meet Abhimanyu but all her attempts to trace him have not helped. Although Kizzie knows that her days are numbered, she wants to live life as normally as possible.

Manny enters Kizzie’s life like a whiff of fresh air. The two soon hit it off. Manny decides to fulfill Kizzie’s dream of meeting Abhimanyu Veer and for that, he decides to take her to Paris. But before that, Kizzie falls seriously ill. However, due to her sheer will power, she recovers. More than anything else, it seems to be her love for Manny that helps her recover fast. In Paris, their meeting with Veer (Saif Ali Khan) is disastrous because the song writer is not at his best behaviour. Kizzie pleads with the song writer to tell her why he had left his best song incomplete. But Kizzie is so shaken by what Veer tells her about his incomplete song that Manny has to actually calm her down. Manny promises to complete Abhimanyu Veer’s song. Once they return to India, Manny’s cancer spreads in his body and he has to be hospitalised as his condition deteriorates. What happens thereafter?

Suprotim Sengupta’s adapted story and screenplay (with additional screenplay by Shashank Khaitan) are not half as good as they ought to have been. The drama which unfolds looks contrived as not many scenes have the desired impact. Although the story is emotional, the sentiments often don’t touch the audience’s heart. For one, the love affair between Manny and Kizzie is not heartwarming. Frankly, it happens in such a jiffy that the viewer wonders how they fell in love. Since the love between them is not shown to develop properly, it doesn’t touch the heart too much when Kizzie pines for Manny and vice versa. Also, Kizzie’s comment that she would have to live because she had Manny in her life now doesn’t quite ring true because just before that, her most ardent desire in life has been shown to be a meeting with her idol, Abhimanyu Veer. In fact, she is terribly excited about her impending trip to Paris to meet Abhimanyu Veer. At one point, Kizzie also admits to herself that Manny had taught her to live life to the fullest. But somewhere in the initial reels, Kizzie is shown to be wanting to lead as normal a life as she could under the given circumstances. In other words, she is leading a full life as she hates to be treated differently just because she is suffering from cancer. There’s a scene in which Kizzie is cross with her mother when she refuses to send Kizzie alone to Paris with Manny, for obvious reasons. To save the situation, Kizzie’s father decides to leave the decision till they’ve consulted her doctor. Kizzie and the family behave as if they’ve found a cure for her terminal illness when the doctor gives them a solution to the problem — that Kizzie’s mother accompany her and Manny to Paris. It is such an obvious solution to the problem that one is left wondering whether this thought shouldn’t have occurred to Kizzie and her parents in the first place! Another drawback of the screenplay is that many of the characters, like Kizzie’s father and Abhimanyu Veer over-react at the slightest opportunity. It almost seems like nobody knows how to behave normally. Agreed, this is a story about cancer patients but while they (the cancer patients) want to lead normal lives, neither do they do so nor do the people they interact with allow them to do so. All in all, the writers have not been able to adapt the story and screenplay in a way that they could make the drama a tear-jerking one. One also wonders why the track of Abhimanyu Veer was not given a more befitting conclusion. In the English original, the character has been handled with far more maturity. Another minus point is that at the core, the film is quite depressing. Dialogues (by Shashank Khaitan) are good, but the witty ones are more impactful.

Sushant Singh Rajput does well but his character is unable to do full justice to his capabilities as a fine performer. A more well-written characterisation would have seen Sushant perform far better. Sanjana Sanghi makes a fairly good debut. Her acting is quite good and she has screen presence too. Saif Ali Khan makes his mark in a brief role but how one wishes, his character had been handled with more maturity. Sahil Vaid does a fine job in the role of JP. Saswata Chatterjee leaves a mark as Kizzie’s father. Swastika Mukherjee shines as Kizzie’s mother. Sunit Tandon is alright as Dr. Jha. Michael Muthu and Rajie Vijay Sarathy (as Manny’s parents) and Subhlaxmi (as Manny’s grandmother) lend routine support. Durgesh Kumar (as the rickshaw rider), Bahrul Islam (as the priest) and the others provide ordinary support.

Debut-making Mukesh Chhabra’s direction is not impressive. For one, he has not been able to make a film which touches the heart. Also, his handling of emotional scenes lacks finesse. A.R. Rahman’s music is quite alright but the absence of a super-hit score is sorely felt. ‘Main tumhara’ is the best number. Amitabh Bhattacharya’s lyrics are decent. Song picturisations (by Farah Khan and Uma-Gaity) are quite nice. A.R. Rahman’s background music should’ve been more impactful. Setu’s cinematography is quite eye-filling. Production designing (by Amit Ray and Subrata Chakraborty) is nice. Aarif Sheikh’s editing is sharp but despite that, there are boring moments in the film as the pace is slow.

On the whole, Dil Bechara is a dull fare. In normal circumstances, the film would have not been able to do well in the cinemas, but Sushant Singh Rajput’s recent suicide and the consequent public sentiments for the late actor will ensure that a lot of people watch the film on the streaming platform (Disney+ Hotstar) on which it has been released.


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  1. Listen whosoever has written this.. I do understand your professionalism but ek baat batayein janab…. Jab khud par bitegi sab samjh ayega.
    Aur vo jo bhi tha apni mehnat se tha.
    Dusri baat tumhe ye article likhne mei 2 ghante lage movie bnane mei pta h kitna samay lagta h ?????
    Aur publicity ke liye bahut achche shabdo ka chayan kiya h.
    Dhyan rakhna beta ya madam ji jo bhi hai aap…. Karma is a bitch. Aur tum bhi ek artist ho. Sab yahi milne vala h…. All the best.

    • He is Komal Nahta. A film trade analyst. Check his twitter account. @komalnahta
      This man is just reviewing like this to get attention. Nothing else. So just ignore fu****g guys like him.

      • Audience loved it, films are made for us, whatever review u give, that is upto you Mr komal nahta,final reviews are given by us,had it been alia, ananya, sara, salman, kjos movie, u wouldd have licked their boots and rated those trash as hits, we absolutely loved the movie, we love sushant, sushant is better than the entire bolly industry

    • Busturd!!! Aur koi kam nehi mila keya chutiyagiri karneke elhaba??? Tum log matherchod keya samjhoge kisiki struggle ….tum logoka kam he hain kuch paise ke liye bakwas likhna!!!

    • Your review show how biased you are . You say that Sushant didn’t do well and Sanjana’s acting was quite good . Such a stupid you are ! And how the hell you are saying that the film is not able to touch audience’s heart ??? People just loved this movie . And u say their love equation is not good . How does love equation become good ? By stupid intimate scenes ?? The film doesn’t depress the person but inspires .
      Tum jese logo ko ghisi piti nautanki movies hi pasand aa sakti h .

    • Millions of people have so many sentiments and emotions attached to this film because of sushant obviously (as you mentioned). So if you could have been a little less dumb and a little less unkind,you wouldn’t have reviewed this film. By the way what makes self proclaimed critics like you eligible to review a film. We don’t want it anymore. The audience know their tastes and choices better. You might like some art and you might not like some. None of it gives you the right to pass an open judgement on it. So please stop it. Not only for dilbechara but for every other film. And yes if you have actually watched the film, it might not be the best or stood upto your expectations, but in no way was the film ‘dull’ and ‘depressing’ . We all have our ways of perceiving art , right!? So stop releasing your opinions in public domain.

  2. It is much better than any other recent Hindi movies, reviewer is biased ! Never mind! Sushant Rocks! its like dream suiscide for him! he have seen his own funeral! it is a tragedy! my heart felt so heavy weighted! We will miss you Sushant.

  3. Neither your face is good not your review for any movies I have seen. You are a sick mentality person as per my review.

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    • Is ka salman ka tatti movies ka review dekhlo, “Race 3” “bharat” etc sab me achha review diya hai!! Matlab ye salman ka tatti pe palne wala keeda hai!! isko sirf salman aur kinnar johar ka movie hi achhi lagti hai!!

  4. Oh really.
    You call yourself reviewer.
    Do one thing make one movie,choose your fav actor and actress.
    Let us review your movie.

    As a fan of sushant it’s not right to abuse you or say something bad.
    But stop criticizing once because when god starts criticizing you can’t do anything.

    I give 0/5 stars for your fucking write up.
    Publicity stunt

    • Well read fantastic replies to this so called fake review anal wagera kya tha. Title toh aise likh rkhe k pucho mat. Aur kyun comment likh rhe iski post pe tatti review tatti.

  5. He did this movie for Mukesh.Movies like Main Tera Hero,STOY exist.This is not his finest performance.But did u even care about his fine performances before!shame on you all!

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  8. I am Sorry… because you chose to strike THE emotional chord here, you’ll have to face the downpour of Gaaalii …as of for this review you are unbiased

  9. Komal Nahata, I’ve seen your house and your studio.
    I’ve alerted my goons. Take care, kalyug hai.
    Kuch bhi ho sakta hai 😉

  10. Who ever wrote this article is paid to write such things ,bikau kahike , movie is much much better than any other one it’s very heart touching ,decent , music is soft …
    Baki hero k film ki tarah nhi ki gande gaane pe chote kapde gandi naachne ne se movie acchi nhi banti.. don’t u dare to say this film a dull one

  11. Who ever wrote this article is paid to write such things ,bikau kahike , movie is much much better than any other one it’s very heart touching ,decent , music is soft …
    Baki hero k film ki tarah nhi ki gande gaane pe chote kapde gandi naachne ne se movie acchi nhi banti.. don’t u dare to say this film a dull one chutiya nahta

  12. He says, “The sentiments often don’t touch the audience’s heart.” Who the fuck is he to decide what touched audience’s heart?! If it didn’t touch your heart, what makes you think it won’t touch the rest of the audience’s heart too?

    • That is a good thing you have pointed out. Critic reviews are opinion pieces. You can say something like if “shot composition is poor” or other technical things as a fact. However, the story is subjective. Critics are not the arbiter of truth. They may feel a certain thing is bad, but someone might just be okay with it.

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    Remember always USKI LATHI JAB PADATI HAI TO BAHUT JOR KI PADATI HAI… do some good work at least for your family..

  15. Your review is ok. I found the first half not convincing but the second half was good. And the last 10 minutes of the movie leaves you teary eyed.

  16. What Nonsense!! You are just another Rajeev Masand. You are nobody to decide that movie would have done well in normal substances or not! Are you a future predictor? No you aren’t. So, just shut up. Even if l ignore the unfortunate demise of Sushant, it’s one of the best movies l have seen in this year.

  17. Sir ap kya sari movies ko ese hi comments likhte h use discribe karte hai h. Fir to karan johar ki movies ke liye kya likhte honge or alia varun ya star Kids ke bare me kya likhte honge.. Sayd positive bate.. Pehle khud ka dimag use kijiye ya fir h hi nhi.. Sushant ke bare me likhne se pehle ap soche.. Ap or ye industry uske age kuch nhi hai..

  18. This is the most illiterate piece of shit I have ever come across.
    Dil bechara is such a fine film. Sushant Singh Rajput will be remembered always. Komal Nahatha is a complete asshole. He has no fucking knowledge of movie. His reviews are totally crap, and are proportional to the money he gets from production houses.
    Do watch Dil bechara and celebrate Sushant Singh Rajput brilliance.

  19. Leave everything aside, how come you had the audacity to still use the word “Suicide” in this review, when there’s a nation-wide awakening for CBI enquiry for him! This is shameful and disgraceful.

  20. You need to go back to school to learn how to work on Analysis, this movie has comedy, romance and emotions
    By the way , shame on you to even write a review on this one 😡

  21. KN your reviews sucks just like your damn annoying face. Who the hell are you to judge ppl or their acting. Given you a dialogue.. u wld probably bark like a dying dog.. U and Rajeev Masand can go n get a life! Ppl like you guys are such a bloody disgrace to our community.. Dil Bechara will always be a special movie for all SSR fans.. his legacy will live on forever..

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  26. Fabb moive…luv to see sushant..miss u sushh…luv the songs specially luved the expression of sushantt in whole moive

  27. Sir Bharat jaisi films ko apne superhit bataya. Isko aap dull keh rahe ho? FILM CRITIC kisne banaya apko?
    After this tweet i’m sure you will be famous. Well done. Hopefully you see someone else like me who is not abusing you at the moment.
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    Because it dint have vulgarity or sex scenes in it u dint like it ? And ur clan salman , the one u BLOW all the time right ?
    How dare u even fucking give a review also u fucker.

  36. Mr Komal nahta I think now everyone one will be clear how discriminatory you guys towards shushant Singh Rajput.this was romantic movie of special circumstances so what you expect there I think you have missed the fucking valgarity and kissing naked bodies of hero and heroine but let me tell you this kind of film does not require this .they have to make it near to reality and they done perfect enjoyed it .komal nahta you are venal critic journalists.bikaue mall of Karan Johar and others big banners.how much money you get it to write this.

  37. Movie was Okay. Public is sentimental due to recent events. You should have avoided giving a review. As post sushants demise many claim to be his true fans which itself is a farce. Strange times.

  38. Last 30 min, I couldn’t stop crying while watching this movie and you saying this. That’s it…

    This is a revolution now.
    Bann all idiot critics, nepo mafia, nepo kids and directors.
    Kewal outsiders ki hi movie dekhenge…

  39. Shame u have nothing nice to say. I really feel like the music was good. U seem to find a fault in everything such a pathetic review. U seem so bitter. Ur reviews clearly show ur lack in seeing talent only good reviews for the big stars. U should retire

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    Tera sakal se hi pata chalta hai 1no ka harami hai tu
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  42. Is Mc ko nhana thhik se ni ata hn aur ssr pe comment krra h…. Ssr ki entry hi awesome Hn movie mn role awesome se b awe Hn…. Sanjana ki to chaatega ye sallu lallu k sth jo ad kiya usne…. Saalo snjna Sara Ali Khan insbko break b ssr k sth kaam krke mila aur usi ko glt bola kese Tmhri dur Tmhri MA ki b aukat ni Utni….. Ye hota kon h review likhne wala bkwas krne wala….. Ssr best h or rhega Usko uske fans justice dilaenge jo usko in kutto ne abtk ni dene dia hum fans haar ni maanenge!!!!!! #JusticeForSsr

  43. Bad childhood?
    Must be !!
    I feel sad for the period you have lost. Since none of them received any ounce of respect! And even if they did. They lost everything at this point!
    You are a gandu who is out searching for publicity!
    And wouldn’t mind taking out the respect of your lost loved ones! Coz you are a scavenger and will forever remain so !
    And the sad part is , at your funeral (if you do have one) there will be millions of people laughing !!

  44. Honestly, the movie was not as bad. it was appealing to the audience and has a valuable moral to take away from the story. not to mention that this was far better than other movies. I could see Manny’s character develop. and how are you saying that the character didn’t give justice to sushant’s talent !?? if you aren’t aware, all the movies which could’ve given sushant’s acting skills justice were all snatched away from him. He portrayed Manny fantastically. I understand how the direction could’ve been better, but for a debut it is somewhat commendable. AR Rahman’s music was actually heartfelt in my opinion, it was nothing like the cheap remixes that all movies tend to have nowadays. The songs take time to grow on you but they definitely are not mediocre and make an impact alright. If the movie wasn’t as emotional, trust me we wouldn’t be crying. the problem that everyone has with this review is that you’ve given movies like “Race 3” and “Bharat” fantastic reviews, when literally no one in the audience found it to be amusing, let alone tolerable. we are seeing a two faced and biased critic and so we are disappointed, it is that simple. so you may think that you are being an “honest” critic even in dire times but you are just another one of Bollywood mafia’s boot lickers.

  45. Busturd!!! Aur koi kam nehi mila keya chutiyagiri karneke elhaba??? Tum log matherchod keya samjhoge kisiki struggle ….tum logoka kam he hain kuch paise ke liye bakwas likhna!!!

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  48. Thank you for the review, but every person has it’s own taste, anyway the world has spoken 9.9 rating on IMDB.

  49. Abe o budhau ja tu is umar mein Haridwar ja kuchh sadbudhi aayegi talve chatte chatte tumhari smjh bhi ghis gayi hai.
    Tumhari umar duaayen lene ki hai gandi review krke badduaa na le.

  50. Kya yaar tum bhi, mujhe aur mere sare frnds ko toh movie bahot hi achhi lagi
    Isme sushant ka hona ya na hona koi mayne nahin rakhta kyun ki film bahot khoobsurat hai.

  51. Yeh jo bhi shit apnay likha hai issay likhtay huay kya sharam nhin ai apko. Ap jo koi bhi ho kya emotions or feelings naam ki koi cheez hai ap mein kay nhin.Shame on you for giving this kind of review. SSR jo bhi tha apnay hardwork say tha and he has done an increidible performance in the movie. Aur agr SSR zinda hota to bhi log yeh movie zrur dekhtay aur theatres mein dekhtay aur tb bhi utna hi pasand kartay jitna aj kartay hain.

  52. Komal you have analysed the movie very precisely. I very well agree with your view. It is not the movie as an ode to the talented actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

  53. Who are u to say that movie was good or not???
    We audience loved it and for us it’s a superhit movie forever…
    So just keep ur critics and ratings with urself…
    we don’t need You idiot 😡

  54. Your review show how biased you are . You say that Sushant didn’t do well and Sanjana’s acting was quite good . Such a stupid you are ! And how the hell you are saying that the film is not able to touch audience’s heart ??? People just loved this movie . And u say their love equation is not good . How does love equation become good ? By stupid intimate scenes ?? The film doesn’t depress the person but inspires .
    Tum jese logo ko ghisi piti nautanki movies hi pasand aa sakti h .

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  58. How you could know that this didn’t touch hearts… You better mind your own business and don’t come to mess with us…. Didn’t knew that assholes like you still exsist who doesn’t even know how to cherish precious gems like Sushant!Go to the hell man…. We don’t f***ing care about your reviews…. Go and review Salman Khan’s flops!

  59. What I find more dull is your review, besides the character of Sushant has done full justice to his capabilities as a fine actors. You,however failed to see that, so you continue your bullshit review for the other movies that are about to release, let this one simply be loved and cherished by his fans. We don’t need your approval to know how well the movie did!

  60. Komal ,you asshole,dogs like you bark even after the scene.Cant you write some good words for the departed soul.People like you lick the balls of Khan’s , Kapoor’s,Johar’s & such goons of Bollywood because you fear their presence & likewise lick those bastards.Your review makes no difference.Go to hell.Why didn’t you agitate when a bullshit film”Gully Boy” was screened as best movie.Keep your reviews inside your pocket & think before you write.

  61. Komal for your information Sushant Singh was not Suicide, he was murder. Ur movie analysis doesn’t matter whatever you want to say you can say, blockbuster or hit movies are decided by the common people not by you.

  62. Are takly..kitna kamina hey tu ye sab likne ke liye karan chor and salman ne kitne paise diye, tera beta ya beti hey na gharpe..karma will come on you… From 14th onwards i cant sleep properly..only sushant in mind in my dream..aur tym logo ko kuch farak nahi padta

  63. No 1 is interested in your thoughts, the day fans go crazy they will drag you on streets and make you realise your true worth.

  64. Sale teri ma ki ankh .aur teri ankh kharab h .movie tere sallu ki wahi boring romantic script se bahut acchi .well tu apni rai apne pass rkh buddhe hme nhi chaiye aur faltu post ki na toh sale ghar mein pitega .samjha

  65. But Mr.Critic you also know that audience are the last person who will tell wheather is the movie is good or bad and as for your boaring moments I have to say my sixty generian old parents didn’t feel it boaring,it’s only your opinion.As a person I appreciate your work but please Sir,try to be unbiased.

  66. Areee!! when you stand at the edge of death you will get how manny,kizie and j felt.
    With all Due respect,ALL THE BEST

  67. This is the same bullshit movie reviewer who gets fucked by Karan Chakka Johar in his ass. He labels Dil Bechara as bad but would orgasms while watching naked Salman’s nipples in Radhe . Bullshit guy this Komal madarchod is. he should die and not be allowed to live. After that bharwa Rajeev Loru Masand this guy has the audacity to review a movie and term it bad and that too on social media?
    Saale Salman Khan ke bike hue randi saale takla choda teri maa ki chut acchi nahi lagi toh chup bhi raha jaa sakta hai na randwe? Maa ke bur me jaake chup jaata?
    Jaldi se jaldi tu mar jaye aur teri death ka review likhunga twitter par.
    Tere maa ka bhosra. TEre bacche corona se maar jaye aur tu kisi naali me saarta rahe
    Salman ko dekhke hilata reh terese aur kuch hoga chaaka saala betichod

  68. You are pathetic and stoop to such low level. You should be ashamed of yourself by calling yourself a film critic. I have many things to say but I won’t stoop to your level. Karma hits people. And count your days, karma is following you.

  69. O God I just can’t believe how insensitive you could be ! I have a question to you Mr. Critic why do you talk from a very general perspective ? Who the hell are you to decide how the viewers are going to be impacted by certain scenes. Are you a degree holder in Human Psychology ? Shame on you ! Even if you didn’t like the content you could have given it a skip or chosen to be silent. This is a sheer disgust oozing out of your article. Shame shame on your name !

  70. What i think is ..u hv been paid fr this kind of review ..i hv watched the movie i was having smile during the whole movie but last was emotional..there was a lesson in d film..m sure u wuld hv done it bettr if it ws a khan’s movie

  71. Sale apna review apne pass rakh tujhe bosdi k sallu ki or nepotism ki movie acchi lgti sale kuch to Sharam kar wo inshan is duniya me nhi sale mrna to tum jese logo ko chahiye madharchhod jaha mil gya n chappal se marrunga bsdk… 😠

  72. Ru also in murder gang….or licking their ass….god will kill u ur family ND children…ad the way sushant get murdered ..I will pray

  73. “Sushant’s suicide” are you kidding me??? Do you have any sense of sophisticated writing??Your soul is Bu**sh*t and likes bu**sh*t like the other films which you have reviewed “positively” just to secure a good image among the rich in the industry! You have brought shame to all writers and critics! Please go into hibernation let people live happily without your negativity!

  74. Why can’t you direct a movie .
    If you are so good that you can judge other ..
    Then let’s do it ..
    Make a movie on you bloody critics and bollywood nepotism..
    You exactly know what i mean.
    Judge others if you are perfect..😡

  75. By writing this review it seems that you have been paid by or returning favor to the person who is linked to the death of sushant singh ! you have to be investigated for sure !!

  76. Dear Komal,

    What were you thinking while watching this movie. Sadly but it seems like you haven’t watched it and wrote nonsense what you heard from the film’s haters or group of people who don’t like SSR.

    Are you seriously consider yourself as a movie reviewer.

    Sadly I am sure you are not close to any of the qualification which needs to be as movie reviewer. Reviews are for the audience and understanding what their likes and dislikes. Multiple people has multiple mindset basis that you have to provide reviews but your reviews are like what you liked it or didn’t liked it , ofcourse that’s why you get paid from the industry’s mafias.

    You are not even doing your job 1% right.

    You are paising shitty movies in the past but you didn’t like Dil Bechara

    What is wrong with you? Do you have any principles, moral or self respect towards your work.

    Go and watch the movie one more time and I guess after my review on you will make you thing what unfair things you wrote for this film.

    This movie is a masterpiece. With tremendous acting, beautiful emotions and great chemistry between all the actors who are part of this film and great direction.

    Loved this film but disappointed with your review

  77. Oye, sunn gobar jaisi teri sakal hai aur gobar jaisi teri akal bhi. Who the hell are you to compare Sushant’s film. Agar kisi ke baare me acha nhi bol sakte na toh kisi ne tmhe ye bhi right nhi diya hai ki tum kisi ke baare me bura bolo. Kitne paise mile hai ye articles chapne ke liye. Paise ke liye kitna giroge…… Go first earn and learn humanity and then come

  78. Bloody Idiot Suar Nahata salman karan johar ke joote chaatne waale pille…bikau kutta hai tu..ye to shuruat hai tujhe..to 1000 guna gaaliyan tere channel pe padegi..ab bhi time hai…delete kar de..apna review.

  79. suicide?DID we see Sushant’s suicide written somewhere?Report this guy ,he is spreading false rumours again!leave alone the movie review how dare he write suicide?There was no suicide,in fact now i get a feeling that you were licking salman khan/s shit while writing this review

  80. How much did u get to write this shit !! Do. U even sleep peacefully at night how can u call ur self a critic when ur not even good human being !!!!shame on u shoelicker a lot of shame on u

  81. We all now know you’re just a biased critic and nothing else….just wait and watch the power of the audience. At the end all these star kids with their so called “blockbuster” movies will have nowhere to go and so will you. You’re just a face of nepotism like many others. Honest review my foot!

  82. Who are you to tell he did sucide?? Your eyes is closed by the notes thrown by those mafias…oh sorry you are a chamcha who survive on the thrown pieces of those mafias…..With the age the sense and eye sight is going bad so you can’t sense or see a positive side of a movie.

  83. I do not know why people are taking this guy so seriously and abusing him in the comment section (as expected) not a single person in the comments seem to be supporting his point of view for his review…..

    Lets take a look at this so called film critics opinion of some other movies:

    RACE 3 -“Race 3 is saved because of an engaging post-interval portion.”

    DHADAK -“On the whole, Dhadak is a good entertainer and will emerge victorious at the ticket windows. The outstanding performances of Ishaan and Janhvi could take the film to the ‘A’ class level too.”

    TIGER ZINDA HAI -“On the whole, Tiger Zinda Hai is a super-entertainer and will yield very huge profits at the ticket windows. ”

    JUDWA 2 -“On the whole, Judwaa 2 is a hit as it will appeal to all sections of the audience – youth, masses, families and even a good chunk of the classes.”

    MUBARAKAN -“On the whole, Mubarakan is a definite winner at the box-office. It is an excellent entertainer which will fetch rewards for all concerned.”

    HOUSEFULL 3 -“On the whole, Housefull 3 is an entertainer all the way.”

    DRISHYAM – “it will be difficult for the film to break even despite recovery of more than 50% of the investment. ”

    I dont think this guy is meant to be taken seriously … He is just trying to grab his attention for fame like Rakhi Sawant of Bollywood ….. The more the people give attention to him – The more will be his mission successful …

    I would genuinely advise everyone to ignore him … his existence on this world does not matter to anyone

  84. Men like you who been corrupted by the selfish arrogant Indian actors. You should give a honest review based on talent it shouldn’t be based on who’s paying you or who you favour. Fortunately for me I am able to judge based on a person talent and raw emotion and more importantly what I feel.

    The viewers are who make the actors, we need to stop giving fuel to these arrogant people.

  85. @KomalNahta
    “tere kan ke niche ek hajar thapper marunga #MADARCHOD kahika”Face with look of triumphFace with look of triumphFace with look of triumphbollywood mafia kea CHAMCHE kahika,tera okat keya hea re. aya bare #dilbechara ka review dene Smirking faceCHAMCHE…..
    1 no. ke CHUTIYA

  86. F..k you for calling it suicide. WTF are you to decide while the case is being fought by the entire nation. Police should arrest this guy to question who paid or pressured him to say such things. So disturbing. I will forward this Link to those officials who are questioning doubtful people. You are Equally involved in SSR murder by supporting those, makes you a criminal 🖕

  87. yeh article aje hi hatna chiye or ishe media meh sorry bolana chiya galat review keh liye…Dil bechara movie ko tho abe hum award bi dilaynge..sale movie ka review karna kuch atha nahi kuch bi bolate..ushe farazi sulatan movie ka tho bada acha review kiya tha…farzi log aje seh koi bollywood movie nahi dekaga.jab tak yeh dale rehange..

  88. U r a cheap greedy and rediculous person @komal nahata same on u.
    U r also a part of nepotism gang. U bloody person komal nahata

  89. I personally feel that the movie was beautiful and I think that everyone felt the same after I saw the comment section. Please keep your reviews with yourself no one needs critics like you. In the movie we saw the story of two cancer patients but I think you are a cancer to the society who really needs to be treated in a correct way before its too late.

  90. get the fuck out man !! nobody wants your fucking review here !!!
    MC ! BC !

  91. Dumpest ever review by looser n rascal komal nahta. Tu aur teri puri family corona ho kar marenge. Saare desh ki baddua hai ye tere liye.

  92. Sir
    This review will be appreciated if SSR is amongst us, but now we are connecting with him.
    But if films like GullyBoy can bag Filmfare award, songs like Teri gully can bag awards inspite of good songs of Kesari, anything can happen.
    As an audience I cried after ages while watching a movie, that too in a first day, first show movie.
    You are the darker side of Bollywood which is exposed now.

  93. It is unbelievable how low people like Nahata can go to get attention and at what cost. We request filminformation.com to either ban, such film critics, as Komal Nahata or change their website name to filmmisinformation.com.
    The movie is a beautiful showpiece of Sushant’s incredible acting prowess and irresistable charming persona. The only actor who can act better than Sanjeev Kumar, looks better than Dev Anand and Rajesh Khanna and dances better than Hritik Roshan.

  94. Fuck u komal Nahta…motherfucker,bloody asshole.. Heartless, old creepy man….god is so cruel that people like u r still alive.. Why don’t u go and suicide.really humanity is lost for people like u..you are the exact example.I wish God killed u instead of our superstar Sushant sir.u are nothing to comment on him or his works.Better go and lick karan jokar’s dick and hv sex with Salman, and all other bollywood gang who paid you to talk rubbish..nd Sushant sir does not need your review..nd no other bollywood joker can never act like him. He is child of God.and he is like my elder brother.

  95. Bilkul honest review hai madarchodon..tumhaari gaali dene se licture achhi nahi ho jaygi..gaandu kahin ke..ab lund picture hai to hai..

  96. Abhe o rande ke bacche, maderchod ki aulad… aukat mein rahe! kisne banadiya tujhe film critic?? bhen ke lund dikh tha hain! chutiya bhadwa! haramzaade gaaliyan bhi kam ho rahi hain tujhe dene ke liye! sudharjaa warna guzaarja! maa ke lund, teri aisi maa chodhenge! tere baap log, salman randa, karan maderjaat aur bhi haram ke pille, tere baap honge, aur tu un haramzaadon ka lund choos tha hoga! hamare liye toh ek number ke naukar hain saare! ab kaise hum janta tum sab haramzaadon ko boycott karti hain dekhliyo! aur apne najaayaz baapon ko bhi boldena bhadwe! salman,karan,mukesh,mahesh, etc! sab kutte ki maut marenge ! aur hum road pe layenge haramzaadon ko! road pe nanga karke marenge! nahi toh mera naam Aditya Bhatnagar nahi! bhaag bhosdike , pehli fursat mein nikhal laude!! ayenda se sushant bhaiye ke baare mein kuch bola, toh teri khair nahi!!!!! RANDA ! MADERJAAT!

  97. Budhhe saale meri dil se badua lagegi tuje iss time uski movie ko judge kar raha h jab vo hai hi nhiii 😑 Tu tadap tadap ke marega Tu jise sabse jada pyar karta h vo tujse chhin liya jaayega tera dimag pura kharab ho jaayega tujhe migraine ho jaaye roz tera headache ho tu roye chillaye par teri help krne ke liye koi na aaye ye tujhe yhi bollywood wale log dhokha de Tu bankrupt hojjaye bheekh bhi na mile tujhe train me compartment saaf karke bheekh maange aur jo 2 ₹ bhi tuje mile vo tere haath se chutti ke train se bhaar gir jaaye Tu roz mehnat karega tujhe roz asafalta mile Tu tadape raat me dard se

  98. You can do better than this. Maybe an extra bit of money could make it more perfect for your customers. PAID REVIEW. Bikau media. Lack of humanity. Lastly tum sathia gaye ho old man. Kuch to sharam karo. 🖕

  99. Reprehensible. How dare you. How dare you call it a suicide before the investigation has ended.
    How dare you say AR’s music is not up to the mark.
    How dare you say ‘how they fall in love makes no sense’. Your lack of comprehension of the love story doesnt mean it didnt develop. Shady attempt at a review. Shady act of yours Komal Nahta. Shame. Shame on you. All you’ve reviewed is your own taste, which is the massively dull fare here. Sushant lit every frame of the movie he entered. Every single frame. Shame on you. Sit yourself in a room and reprimand yourself, for this lack of sensitivity. How dare you! Most shameful review!

  100. You are such a shitty man you don’t know anything fucker. Do you even know what is acting what is talent your god father poop every morning and you eat those poop you shitty human we’ll ban you you are common man. Fuck yourself and your god father.

  101. You are not professional, might be getting your livelyhood from underworld mafia. Have you surrendered all ladies of your family to mafia, People like you are encouraging mafia in bollywood.

  102. Komal Nahta, your name are you Komal from anywhere,such insensitive sucker,you don’t even know abc of reviewing any film writing a story is called reviewing.who qualified you to do show,which film school or literature background you has given you this right to write.Its all about audience we will decide what we like or not not you MF.

  103. Do you have the guts to write like this about SRK Salman or So many really dumb movies forced on Us.Next time Salman ki movie ko bolna,a movie about death or illness is bound to think u about that and take you to immortality and seize the moment.but how would u know,u are qualified to write blind reviews.

  104. Only man who is true af……..yes sir i feel the same………bina sar paav ki movie thi…… only good thing in movie is acting…….. you are the only person who dare to speak thruth regardless societal trend……..

  105. u will remain an asshole Nahta.. u r a disgrace to ur family. u r a disgrace to this world.

    u deserve to eat shit.. u r a fucking sick bastard.

  106. People.are.so.shameless.when whole india is saying film.is good these are.li king ass.of.nepotism.gang.and revising in that manner.non.of.these.nepotism.has talent.all outsiders has talent fake world fake people boycott them their.adds also

  107. tu nahi sudheraga.. kahavat hai kutte ko pppch tedhi rehti hai.. tu to desi kitta hai.
    karma will respond. tu dar dar roti mangega bheekh me to bhi nahi milegi. upar wala tujhe javab dega.

  108. Tere ghatiya review dene me 2 minutes laga he tujhe,
    Lekin pata hai poori movie banane me kitne saal lag jaate hen,
    Ek review se tum poori mehnat pe paani fer dete ho chutiye buddhe lawde 😐

  109. No one needs your review or opinion.
    There’s good msg in the movie , we got that.
    Keep your non sense critic with you.

  110. The worst review of a film ever read.. Mr Komal Nahata is ur heart made of stone that the film didn’t touch ur heart?? U know what by this awful review u have made ur self a piece of mockery infront of the audience. And to remind you that in ur shitty review stop using the term “didn’t touch audience ‘s heart “. Coz the film is one of the finest piece by Susant Singh Rajput… And u r no one to give such a bad so called critical analysis. Coz its at the end the audience who has the power to make a film a hit… ..And susant absolutely did justify his character and role…..

  111. What are your points of hate to this Iconic Movie ???
    Please explain #Dilbechara….
    Or u r just doing this on the fingers of large houses ???
    Or for getting popularity ??

  112. Majority of the people have cried their eyes out in the last 30 minutes of the movie and yet you critique the film to not have “the desired impact”. FYI it’s a movie about cancer patients, so obviously it won’t be comedy. It is meant to pull one’s emotional chords and be painful, which, you described pessimistically as dull and depressing. A BIG PART OF A CANCER PATIENT’S LIFE IS TO CHALLENGE THE DEPRESSION ASSOCIATED WITH HEALTH AND LIFE. YOU CALLING A MOVIE ABOUT CANCER PATIENTS “DEPRESSING” IS INSULTING THEIR SPIRIT AND ZEST TO LIVE.
    Oh also I want to read your review on Kal Ho Na Ho-That, too, was a movie about terminal illness, love, relationships, dreams and a fleeting life. Did you review that as ‘dull and depressing’ as well? I don’t think so!
    I am not even addressing how you should have been honest, unbiased and a tad bit sensitive while reviewing a late superstar, Sushant Singh Rajput’s, last movie.
    Mr Komal Nehta, How about you learn to be a good human being before trying to be a good movie critic?

  113. This is the best movie, excellent in the way it stays true to its theme! Komal, you should go clean Salman’s and Karan’s and Mahesh’s kitchens, and leave. You’re dull and boring! Well made by Mukesh Chabbra and Sushant! 5 STARS! Get some help.

  114. Actually nobody is interested in a review of this movie, as SSR fans just want to watch more and more of him.We have seen more of his extraordinary talents in real life videos than fake movies. The film industry never used his talents to its full capacity. He is not a falsely bbloated up identity by PR mmanagers. His real life amzed us. His looks and smile charmed us. We never had enough of him. Which is why we will be watching ‘Dil Bechara’and the few other movies he has done and Real life talents, speeches and talk shows and whatever over over again. As everything and everyone else pales in comparison.

  115. Yeh jo rand hai, iski itni bhi aukad nahin hai ki yeh Sushant sir ka naam le, review ki baat chodiye. Pata nahin aise haram ke pille jo nepotism le lund chaat chaat kar guzaara karte hain is duniya mein zinda kyon hai. Is keede ko kuchal dena chaahiye. Pata nahin kis suvar ko paida ho gaya yeh chutiya.

  116. Salman har roj raat mein iski gaand marta hai. Suicide kaise bol diya be madarchod? Tumhare nepotism chalane waale madarchod baap logon ne bola hai kya likhne ko? Jaa kar bata do tumhare baap logon ko, Sushant ji ka naa sirf acting talent balki unka knowledge, intelligence, humanity ke samne un chutiyon ka kuch nahin. Itne insecure hain tumhare baap ke Sushant ka success bardasht nahin ho saka aur uska badi berehmi se katal karva diya. Main bhagwan ke har roj prarthna karta hoon ke tu aur tere anginat baap ko sazaaa jaroor mile.

  117. Abe komal madarchod, Kuch to sahi kar apne zindagi mein. Apni saari zindagi salman aur baaki nepotism products ki tatti khate rahe. Teri aukad hi kya hai Sushant ji ke movie ka review likhne ka. Ek kaam kar hum par aur is duniya par reham kar aur apne aap ko goli maar please!

  118. Aji Lund Mera,Is Bhenkde Ko Baaghi 3 Blockbuster lagi thi Jiske IMDB pe 2.1 star H Aur 9.6star wali Dull Lgti h Jiske Movie K Pehle 2 hr main 10 IMDB rating thi Ye Saala Takla Bikau H Maakda Phate Condom ka Nateja Mahesh Bhatt Ka Sautela Bhai.

  119. Aji Lund MERA ,Is Bhenkkde Ko Baaghi 3 Blockbuster lagi thi Jiske IMDB pe 2.1 star H Aur 9.6star wali Dull Lagti h Jiske Movie K Pehle 2 hr main 10 IMDB rating thi Ye Saala Takla Bikau H Maakkde Phate Condom ka Natija Mahesh Bhatt Ka Sautela Bhai.

  120. Madeerchodd …bhosdikeee…..abeee madeerchodd …ye kya bakchodiii hai …. bhosdikeee …mtlb tumhare gand me jo b aayega ..bol dogee bhosdikeee …koi sense hai .. madeerchodd ki …ye actor ab Jaa Chuka hai …..

  121. Are you serious?
    Frankly speaking how do you even know about how the audience feels about all this?
    Have you gone to their houses? Have you asked anyone?Have you done enough research about the movie to make such vague comments about it? Have you even read the book “ The Fault in Our Stars”? Do you know that only you are being so damn critical about this movie? Have you seen other reviews? Have you heard everyone’s thought that ‘YOU’ tend to make decisions on their behalf? STOP CRITICISING EVERY MOVIE OF AN OUTSIDER SO BAD THAT NO ONE REALLY WISHES TO WATCH IT AND I don’t know whether you are being paid to do these fake reviews or is it just your fickle personality and dumb mind? JUST STOP 🛑

  122. Sushant Singh Rajput sir is a legend in our life and all will support to Sushant Singh in your mind this movie is not good but we are the public you will see your bad movies and we will famous all the movies of Sushant Singh sir’s.we are there to support Sushant Singh sir and he is a king and he is one of the best dancer and actor. If we think we can do everything for Sushant Singh sir we can band all yours movie’s so be careful

  123. Chal be chutiyeee , review karna chod de, ya fir insult karvaane ka shonk hai….Tere jaise chutiyee insaan ke reviews pe kaun time waste karta hogaaa…. Sirf Gaaliyaan dene k liye hi tera page open karte hai sabhi

  124. It is apparent that you lack basic human sentiment of compassion and empathy. And this reflects not just in this review but also in your utterly insensitive response to the unfortunate, and untimely demise of the most charming young actor of the Indian Cinema. SSR’s death has broken something inside each one of us. I pray that he gets justice and peace. And I pray that you get some humaneness and learn to be kind and sensitive in writing a review. #SSRislove


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