‘HASHTAG PREM’ (MARATHI) REVIEW | 17 December, 2021

Maulli Film Production’s Hashtag Prem (Marathi) is a love story. Sanika (Mitali Mayekar) is a happy-go-lucky girl who lives with her parents in Bombay. She befriends a Goa-based boy, JD, whom she has known only through social media. Sanika soon falls in love with JD even though she has never met him.

Sanika runs away from her parents when they tell her that they are in search of a suitable boy for her. She drives away in her dad’s car and decides to go to JD in Goa, but her car gets stolen on the way. A driver, Baban (Suyash Tilak), gives her a lift in the car he is driving. While driving to Goa, Baban makes Sanika realise that parents are very important in life. Baban drops Sanika at JD’s house but Sanika realises that JD is not quite like what he held himself out to be. She seeks Baban’s help to get dropped at her parents’ home in Bombay. What happens thereafter? Does Sanika marry the boy of her parents’ choice? Who is the boy?

Nikhil Katare has written a story and screenplay which are very simplistic and predictable. The novelty factor is conspicuous by its absence. Consequently, the drama does not involve or engage the audience. The climax is unexciting. Dialogues are okay.

Mitali Mayekar does a fair job as Sanika. Suyash Tilak is quite good as Baban. Sandeep Pathak, Milind Dastane and Sneha Raikar lend decent support.

Rajesh Balkrishna Jadhav’s direction is so-so. Music (by Pravin Kuwar) is alright. Lyrics (Sanjali Rode and Kautuk Shirodkar) are functional. Ashish Patil’s choreography is okay. Background music (by Rohit Raut) is nothing to shout about. Camerawork (Raja Phadtare) is ordinary. Sets (Mahesh Thakur) are commonplace. Akshay Gathade’s editing should’ve been tighter.

On the whole, Hashtag Prem is a dull fare.

Released on 17-12-’21 at Movie Star Goregaon (daily 1 show) and other cinemas of Bombay thru Pickle Entertainment. Publicity & opening: poor.