‘KA R DEVA’ (MARATHI) REVIEW | 11 February, 2022

Sahyadri Film Production’s Ka R Deva (Marathi) is a love story. Om (Mayur Lad) and Janhvi (Monalisa Bagal) are college classmates and gradually fall in love with one another. However, they will have to surmount the obstacle of parental opposition. Will they unite in love?

Ranjit Dashrath Jadhav’s story is oft-repeated and affords almost no thrill or excitement. The screenplay hardly does anything to uplift the drama. Dialogues are nothing to shout about.

Mayur Lad is ordinary in the role of Om. Monalisa Bagal is fair as Janhvi. Arun Nalawade makes his presence felt as Dadasaheb. Jaywant Wadkar is quite good as Khandu. Nagesh Bhosle has his moments as Sampatrao. Kiran Jadhav is okay as Sangram. Suraj Chavan, Pallavi Chavan, Nilima Kamane, Bhakti Bodhe, Ashwini Bagal, Chaitanya Patekar, Vivek Baravkar, Anita More and Sunanda Shende provide routine support.

Ranjit Dashrath Jadhav’s direction is dull. Sandeep Bhure’s music is ordinary. Lyrics (Sushant Mane and Tansen Lokare) are functional. Chetan Chini’s choreography does not impress. Shreyas Aangane’s background music is so-so. Ansar Khan’s cinematography is fairly nice. Sets (Vaibhav Rathod) are average. Yash Surve’s editing needed to be crisper.

On the whole, Ka R Deva is a poor show all the way.

Released on 11-2-’22 at Glamour (daily 1 show) and other cinemas of Bombay thru Sunshine Studios. Publicity & opening: weak.