MADE FOR EACH OTHER! | 6 May, 2022

This is too much of a coincidence! Meghdoot Cinema at Vidisha (in Madhya Pradesh) which had opened 50 years ago — on 7th May, 1972 — has been celebrating its landmark days with films distributed by the Janiani family in C.I. The cinema opened with Mera Gaon Mera Desh which was distributed in C.I. by Lalchand Janiani. It completed 25 years on 7th May, 1997, and the film which was running there on that day was Raja Hindustani which was also distributed in C.I. by Janiani. Tomorrow (7th May, 2022), on the occasion of the cinema’s golden jubilee, it is once again the Janianis’ K.G.F. Chapter 2 (dubbed) which will be running at the cinema.

Needless to add, all the three abovementioned films were/are blockbusters.

With Lalchand Janiani having passed away last year, his three sons — Deepak, Harish and Sunil — can proudly say that they’ve kept the tradition of a Janiani-distributed film running at Medhgoot Cinema on all landmark days, alive. Maybe, Deepak, Harish and Sunil can now proclaim: “Mera cinema, meri film!” Or “Record Hindustani!” Or even “Chapter 3!” because it’s the third landmark occasion for the cinema when a film distributed by Janianis is running there!

(In the picture, Lalchand Janiani is seen with sons Harish (centre) and Deepak)