‘NAAR KA SUR’ REVIEW | 5 August, 2022

Step By Step Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. and Maya Movies’ Naar Ka Sur (UA) is the story of grit and determination.

Some women of a village in Uttar Pradesh decide to fight against the sale and trading of illicit liquor in their village. And they do so successfully after surmounting the obstacles that come in the way of their battle.

Kuldeep Kaushik has penned a story which has fire but it is very predictable. His screenplay is quite boring. Dialogues, penned by him, hardly create an impact.

Mannat Singh is alright as sarpanch Mayadevi. Pooja Verma (as Sushma bandwali), Akshita Gupta (as dhoban Kalpana), Sharen (as Priyanka), Daksha Maan (as kabaddi teacher Radha), Riddhi Gupta (as milk vendor Sudha), Upasana Vaishnav (as barber Rati), Urvashi Sahu (as barber Sati), Richa Sharma (as guard Kanchan), Ritu Singh (as Ojha) and Shreyasi Shaw (as driver Suman) enact their parts effectively. Lalit Parimoo does a fairly good job as Bhairav Singh. Shashank Prajapati is alright as Ashok. Gangaram Sahu (as Kamal) does a fair job. Sandeep Beniwal is okay in the role of Billu. Gyanesh Upadhyay (as coach Raghuveer) has his moments. Vikas Verma (as Harish), Suryakant Sharma (as Shyam), Arjun Krishna (as Sonu), Prince Amrit Juneja (as Sangam), Sanjeev Arora (as Ram) and Reshav Bhardwaj (as Jaleel) lend decent support.

Kuldeep Kaushik’s direction is average. Krishna Lal Chandani and Kunal Sinha’s music is functional. Lyrics (Shobhna Thakur and Kunal Sinha) are okay. Krishna Lal Chandani’s background score could’ve been better. Krishna Ramanan’s camerawork is alright. Prosinjit Chanda’s production designing, and Prosinjit Chanda and Bablu’s art direction are functional. Hardik Singh Reen’s editing ought to have been sharper.

On the whole, Naar Ka Sur has noble intentions but that’s about all. Given its lack of face value and almost complete absence of promotion, it will prove to be a non-starter at the box-office.

Released on 5-8-’22 at Movie Time Goregaon (daily 1 show) of Bombay thru VK Films. Publicity & opening: weak. …….Also released all over. Opening was very dull everywhere.