‘PHAS GAYE YAARO’ REVIEW | 28 January, 2022

Released last week in Nizam circuit (in Hyderabad), RDG Productions Pvt. Ltd., P.K. Pictures, Purple Bull Entertainment and Gaonwala Conceptz Studiioz’s Phas Gaye Yaaro (UA) is a horror comedy.

Hollywood producer Martin Spielberg is on the hunt for a lead man for his horror film. He signs underworld don Salimbhai who, accompanied by associate Ajjubhai, reaches the haunted resort for the shooting. Every night, a male crew member is taken away by a witch in the haunted resort. The male crew person’s underwear comes packed in a box the following morning! Are Salimbhai and the crew able to unfold the mystery of the missing unit members?

Yusuf Surti’s story and screenplay are not very exciting or engaging. However, some comic scenes are entertaining. His dialogues are okay.

Mast Ali, Aziz Naser, Altaf Hyder, Nazia Khan, Nimesh Dilip Rai, Elena Tuteja, Scot B. Know, Reshma Bari, Jazz, Narendra Sharma, Rajesh Ahir and Mandar Pathak deliver average performances. In fact, nobody’s acting stands out at all.

Yusuf Surti’s direction is weak. R.P. Soni’s music is more functional than anything else. Lyrics (Rajneesh Dubey) are ordinary. Kafeel Ahmed’s camerawork is so-so. Shiva Sharma’s editing leaves a lot to be desired.

On the whole, Phas Gaye Yaaro is a dull fare.

The film collected Rs. 2,95,788/- in 1st week from 2 cinemas of Hyderabad.