That Kabir Singh still remains the biggest hit of this year so far is well-known. An interesting observation made by a senior associated with the marketing department of a national multiplex chain, about the profile of the audiences who watched the Shahid Kapoor starrer at its cinemas was that while the ticket sales fetched huge revenues, sale of concessionaires was relatively below the mark. The senior marketing guy revealed, “The revenues from sale of popcorn, samosas and cold drinks during the weeks when Kabir Singh was running in our cinemas, were proportionately lower than in the case of past hit films. This means that a lot of people, who usually frequent single-screen cinemas, saw Kabir Singh in multiplexes. As they had to shell out more than their usual expenditure on admission rates, they refrained from eating and drinking in the interval.” So while the multiplex chain gained in terms of footfalls for Kabir Singh, the income from sale of eatables and cold drinks did not go up as much as it should have.