Zee Talkies and Motionscape Entertainment’s Shaktimaan (Marathi) is the story of a man with a golden heart and how he succeeds in getting a heart transplant surgery done on the daughter of a labourer working in the housekeeping department of the company in which he works.

Siddharth (Adinath M. Kothare) is an IT professional and lives happily with his family comprising wife Seema (Spruha Joshi) and son Ishaan (Ishaan Kunte). One day, Siddharth gets to know that Surabhi (Nidhi Rasane), the daughter of Tanaji (Priyadarshan Jadhav), working in his company, needs a heart transplant. Since Tanaji doesn’t have the resources for the expensive surgery, Siddharth not only decides to help in raising funds but also convinces the father of the donor to donate his child’s heart when he (the father) backtracks after committing. Seema gets insecure when she sees Siddharth doing so much for a stranger. She takes Ishaan and returns to her parental home. What happens thereafter? Is Surabhi’s surgery successful? Does Seema return to Siddharth? What does Ishaan think of his father all through?

Prakash Kunte has written a story and screenplay, which are engaging in parts only. Some portions are less convincing. For instance, Seema’s insecurity seems a bit far-fetched if only because Siddharth is walking the extra mile to help someone in need. Secondly, the emotional quotient in the drama is less than what it ought to have been to make the viewers cry at several points. Prakash Kunte and Pranav Apte’s dialogues are alright.

Adinath M. Kothare does a fine job as the golden-hearted Siddharth. Spruha Joshi performs quite well in the role of Seema. Priyadarshan Jadhav is effective as Tanaji. Vaibhavi Anand is okay as Tanaji’s wife, Laxmi. Vikram Gaikwad is alright as Siddharth’s doctor-friend, Sandesh. Mihir Nishith Rajda makes his mark in a brief role as Sumeet Shah. Kedar Damodar Soman has his moments as the attending doctor. Ishaan Kunte (as Ishaan) is so-so. Nidhi Rasane acts quite well as Surabhi. Vidyadhar Joshi (as Seema’s father), Ramaa Nadgauda (as Seema’s mother), Kannan Arunachalam (as the company’s managing director), Madhuri Gawali Shinde (as the maid) and Shrikant Yadav (as the cab driver) are adequate. Others pass the bill.

Prakash Kunte’s direction is alright but he should’ve infused more emotions in the narration. Aditya Bedekar’s music and Swapnil Chavan’s lyrics should have been better. Aditya Bedekar’s background score is fair. Gaurav Ponkshe’s camerawork is appealing. Akhilesh Suhas’ art direction is alright. Editing (Mayur Hardas) is reasonably sharp but could’ve been sharper.

On the whole, Shaktimaan is a very ordinary fare. Given its dull start, it will not be able to score at the ticket windows.

Released on 24-5-’24 at Citylight (daily 1 show) and other cinemas of Bombay thru Filmastra Studios. Publicity: fair. Opening: poor.