‘TIFFIN TIME’ (MARATHI) REVIEW | 6 January, 2023

Om Namo Siddhivinayak Film’s Tiffin Time (Marathi) is the story of two little girls who study in different schools. It talks about the twists in their lives.

Mhalsakant Kausadikar has penned a story which hardly holds any appeal. His screenplay is slow-paced and boring, because of which the viewers don’t get much involved in the drama. In other words, the audience don’t get attached to any character in the drama. Some emotional scenes are touching. Kausadikar’s dialogues are dull.

Performances are most ordinary. Suhani Chauhan, Pradnya Phadtare, Vipul Salunkhe and Nupoor Chitale perform ordinarily. Arun Nalavade has his moments. Pratibha Wale, Vidya Bhagwat, Sagar Gujar, Nihar Rajhans and Yogesh Kulkarni lend dull support. Dr. Girish Oak is nice.

Mhalsakant Kausadikar’s direction is better than his script. Music and background music, both composed by Atul Joshi and Siddhesh Kulkarni, are fairly nice. Gaurav P. Kulkarni’s camerawork is of a fine standard. Dilip Dhumal’s art direction is so-so. Siddhesh Kulkarni’s editing ought to have been tighter.

On the whole, Tiffin Time will go largely unnoticed because of limited face value.

Released on 6-1-’23 at Cinepolis Thane (daily 1 show) and other cinemas of Bombay thru Pickle Entertainment. Publicity & opening: poor.