The Gujarat high court today (June 21) cleared Yash Raj Films’ Maharaj for streaming on Netflix. It vacated the ex parte interim stay granted against the film’s release on a petition filed by a group of people belonging to the Pushtimarg sect. The court said, the respondents (YRF and Netflix) could release the film whenever they wanted. In fact, barely two hours after the court order, the film is already streaming on the OTT platform.

The judge herself saw the film and remarked that there was nothing objectionable in it, which could hurt religious sentiments as feared by the petitioners. The film deals with the 1862 libel case decided by a British judge against a Hindu religious head in Gujarat who misused his position to sexually exploit young girls in his community. A progressive young Hindu man had called the religious leader’s bluff and was dragged to court for allegedly defaming the religious head.

Maharaj was slated to stream on Netflix from June 14. It was not scheduled to be released theatrically. However, the film’s release on the OTT platform was stayed by the Gujarat high court vide an ex parte order on June 13.

The high court extensively heard the submissions of the petitioners as well as the respondents (YRF and Netflix). The judge also watched the film. A detailed order of the court is awaited.

Advocates Abhishek Malhotra and Nachiket Dave appeared for YRF.