Film Kraft Productions’ Kaabil (U/A) is a love story and revenge drama. It is the story of a blind man’s revenge on the rapists of his wife who is also blind.

Rohan (Hrithik Roshan) is a blind young man who works as a dubbing artist to earn his livelihood. He is adept at modulating his voice and mimicking people. He meets Supriya (Yami Gautam) who is also blind like him. The two soon fall in love and decide to get married. They get married and are leading a very happy life, dreaming of a great future ahead. But their life is shattered when one day, the minister’s brother, Amit (Rohit Roy) and his friend, Wasim (Sahidur Rahaman), rape Supriya. They complain to the police but since Amit is the minister’s brother, he is soon allowed to go scot free. Also, Supriya being blind does not know who has raped her especially because the rapists were clever enough not to utter a word. The investigating police officer (Narendra Jha) and his deputy (Girish Kulkarni) are not at all sympathetic towards Rohan and Supriya. In fact, the deputy of the investigating police officer even accuses Rohan of using his wife to extort money from out of Amit and his rich and influential brother. Rohan finds himself completely handicapped due to the law not being of any help to him. On her part, Supriya offers to leave Rohan as she does not want to be a burden on him.

Then one day, Supriya commits suicide. Rohan is devastated. He gathers his wits and decides to take law into his own hands to avenge the rape and death of his beloved wife. Even as he is contemplating how to go about seeking revenge, he realises something that shakes him terribly. What is it that comes to his knowledge?

Rohan now goes to the police station and throws an open challenge to the investigating police officer that he would seek revenge in his own style. He even forewarns the police that despite this, they (police) would not be able to do anything to him. And then begins Rohan’s revenge. Is he able to get justice for the wrongs perpetrated on his wife? What action does Rohan take and against who all to seek revenge? Is he able to take revenge despite his handicap? If so, how?

Vijay Kumar Mishra has written a story which is quite different from other romantic or revenge stories. The blossoming love between two blind persons who don’t treat blindness as their handicap is heartwarming. The revenge of the visually handicapped Rohan is very exhilarating. The screenplay, penned by Vijay Kumar Mishra, is extremely fast-paced and keeps the audience glued to their seats. The first half is very fast-moving and also entertaining. The revenge drama of the second half is also pretty interesting. However, some people might feel that the modus operandi used by Rohan (not being revealed here) is quite a convenient twist in the tale. Having said that, it must be added that the foundation for Rohan’s modus operandi is laid well in the pre-interval portion and, therefore, would still be acceptable. Besides, the audience roots for Rohan so much that even though the screenplay looks somewhat contrived insofar as the tricks used by Rohan are concerned, the viewers don’t really give that too much importance. For, at the end of the day, the audiences want to see Rohan get justice for his late wife. In fact, the second half’s drama will evoke claps and whistles from the audience for the sheer genius of Rohan. Special mention must be made of the interval sequence in which Rohan openly challenges the police to catch him if they can. That sequence is so outstanding that it will be met with thunderous applause in the cinemas. The scene immediately following that, when Rohan leaves the police station, is also brilliantly conceived to show the attitude which Rohan has now adopted. The film has a fairly good dose of humour, some emotions and a fair dose of action too.

Sanjay Masoom’s dialogues are gems. The dialogues are so outstanding that they will often prompt the viewers to clap loudly.

Hrithik Roshan is extraordinary in the role of Rohan. He has delivered an award-winning performance. Whether as a lover boy or a doting husband or even as the wronged husband, he has done such wonderful work that he deserves the highest praise. He especially needs to be commended for his efforts at voice modulation and mimicry. His dance with girlfriend Supriya is simply outstanding. Yami Gautam looks pretty and plays the blind Supriya beautifully. She looks like the perfect foil to Hrithik. Ronit Roy shines. A man of few words, he underplays his character wonderfully. Rohit Roy lends very good support so that girls would detest him for being the rapist. Narendra Jha is natural to the core and leaves a lasting impression with his acting. As his assistant, Girish Kulkarni is a delight to watch. The man’s wily ways and his mannerisms as also his expressions are to die for. Suresh Menon makes his presence felt. Akhilendra Mishra leaves a mark. Sahidur Rahaman provides able support. Shaji Choudhary is good. Others lend the required support.

Sanjay Gupta’s direction is very good. He has let content prevail over style and that’s a very good thing. Rajesh Roshan’s music is fair. The film should have had at least two or three hit songs. The title song is melodious but doesn’t have the hit quality about it. Musically speaking, the other songs are fair but not hit. The remixed version of old song ‘Saara zamana’ is used to advantage as the vigorous dancing by Urvashi Rautela will be loved by the masses. Lyrics (by Nasir Faraaz and Manoj Muntashir) are nice. Song picturisations (by Ahmed Khan) are eye-filling. Ahmed’s choreography in the dance number picturised on Rohan and Supriya is exceptional. Also wonderful is the choreography of the ‘Saara zamana’ song. Salim-Sulaiman’s background music is exceptionally good. Special mention must be made of sound designer and recordist Resul Pookutty’s work. He has done a swell job of the film’s sound effects. Sudeep Chatterjee and Ayananka Bose’s cinematography is extraordinary. Sham Kaushal’s action scenes and stunts are praiseworthy. Production designing (by Sumit Basu, Snigdha Basu and Rajnish Hedao, of Acropolis) is excellent. Akiv Ali’s editing is superb.

On the whole, Kaabil is an entertaining fare with some great performances. It will do well at the box-office.


  1. i am not a fan of Hritik but am pleased atleast this time you have given an honest review about Kaabil what happenned to you while Shivaay Insaniyat kya abhi jaag gayi ya paise khatam ho gaye

  2. Gr8 entertainment…wonderful film!
    M a big fan of ur show Bollywood business …I watch it every day!
    Keep doing the gud work sir😊


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