KHICHIK (Marathi) | 20 September, 2019

Kantanand Productions and Sachin Dhakate Films’ Khichik (Marathi; UA; meaning ‘The sound of a camera click’) is the story of a little boy’s fascination for a photograph.

Fatfati (master Yash Khond) and his friend hide and watch a foreign camera crew click pictures. When a lady in the crew offers to click their photographs, the two kids are overjoyed. But before she can show them the pictures, the crew winds up from the location and departs.

Fatfati now falls sick and keeps repeating the word ‘Khichik’ which is how the foreigner lady had conveyed to him that she could click his and his friend’s pictures. When Fatfati’s grandfather (Anil Dhakate) understands Fatfati’s predicament, he decides to search for the foreign crew. Mithun (Siddharth Jadhav) accompanies Fatfati and his grandpa to the city in search of the crew. Rather than helping them, Mithun makes away with the money Fatfati’s grandfather had carried with him.

Cheated but not deterred, Fatfati’s grandfather (who, incidentally, has lost his voice completely after accidentally consuming a chemical solution in the city) sets out with Fatfati in search of the photographer-lady. They get separated along the way. While the grandpa frantically searches for Fatfati, the child meets Luxury (Prathamesh Parab) and his two friends, all of who are thieves. But they are men with golden hearts and take Fatfati to the hospital when he gets injured while trying to save Luxury and his friends from people who begin to beat them up. Quite by chance, Fatfati unites with his grandpa.

What happens thereafter? Does Fatfati get the photographs he had set out to search?

Pritam S.K. Patil’s story is dull and doesn’t really make much commercial sense. His screenplay is terribly boring, especially in the first half. Matters improve after interval, but only very slightly. His dialogues are weak.

Siddharth Jadhav is alright as Mithun. Prathamesh Parab performs well as Luxury. Anil Dhakate makes a fine mark as Fatfati’s grandfather. Rasika Chavan is good as Fatfati’s mother. Master Yash Khond shines as Fatfati. Sudesh Berry (as Hari Bhau), Shashi Thosar, Pritam S.K. Patil, Shital Dhekale, Pradeep Shinde, Paula L. McGlynn, Shilpa Thakore and Pranjalee Pawar are adequate in brief supporting roles.

Pritam S.K. Patil’s direction is weak. Abhishek-Datta’s music is functional. Lyrics are nothing to shout about. Song picturisations are alright. Vijay Gavande’s background music is okay. Yogesh Koli’s camerawork is reasonably good. Nitin Borkar’s art direction is average. Editing (by Amrit Malkani and Rohan Patil) is loose.

On the whole, Khichik is a poor show all the way. Flop.

Released on 20-9-’19 at Bharatmata (daily 2 shows) and other cinemas of Bombay thru Sunshine Studios. Publicity: so-so. Opening: poor.