NCE Entertainment’s Savdhan Ek Adbhut Kahaani (UA) is a horror film. A group of boys and girls reaches Bandhavgadh on a picnic. They find a treasure and try to take it away but get killed by a spirit. Only one boy surviv­es. Since the treasure belongs to the king, the survivor asks the police to take it back to the king’s haveli. But the police deposit the treasure in the government treasury.

Rupsing Chekhaliy’s script is asini­ne. The drama is so weak that nothing appeals to the viewers. If the story is poor, the screenplay is senseless. Horror scenes look ridiculous. Dialog­ues are very weak.

Performances are terribly dull. Sanil, Khushi Rane, Hemant Birje, Ramesh Goyal, Ehsaan Khan, mas­ter Raju, Javed Haider, Nahne Baba, Ritu Pandey, Ajitha Singh, Sunil Tiwari and Sameer have done their jobs in a routine fashion.

Sandeep Mishra and Aquil Haid­er’s direction is hackneyed. Music (Rahul Bhatt and Sunam Panigrahi) is weak. Anil Suthar’s choreography is an eyesore. Camerawork (Rakesh Tiwari, Parmanand Dubey and Kapil Adole) is below standard. Sandeep Mishra’s editing is slipshod.

On the whole, Savdhan Ek Ad­bhut Kahaani is a disastrous fare.

Released on 17-5-’19 at Glamour (daily 1 show) and other cinemas of Bombay thru Anamika Studiozz. Pub­licity & opening: weak.