Immaculate Ideal Human Founda­tion’s Grihalakshmi The Awakening is the story of two sisters.

Samaira (Bhumika Sharma) and Sheetal (Kashish Goswami) are sis­ters. Their mother (Anju Parmar) suf­fers a heart attack one day and she is hospitalised. When the two sisters visit their mother in hospital, they meet a wealthy lady (Banni Chopra) who is also admitted in the hospital.

The rich lady takes a liking for Sheetal and wants her as the wife of her only son (Ashish Arora). Soon, there’s confusion about whether Sheetal is the lady’s choice or Samai­ra. Sheetal practises Sahaja Yoga meditation.

The story is not at all commercial and is very boring. The screenplay looks like the job of an amateur. Dialogues are dull.

Bhumika Sharma and Kashish Goswami are average. Anju Parmar lends routine support. Banni Chopra is okay. Ashish Arora hardly deserves mention. Dr. Manish Sood provides dull support as the uncle of Sheetal and Samaira.

Arvind Pandey’s direction is disastrous. Music is a letdown. Camera­work is so-so. Prashant Naik’s editing is weak.

On the whole, Grihalakshmi The Awakening will go largely unnoticed.

Released on 17-5-’19 at Glamour (daily 1 show) and another cinema of Bombay thru Life Line Entertainment. Publicity & opening: alright. …….The film had released in C.P. Berar and C.I. some time back.