Salman Khan ki dariya-dili dikhi film industry ke daily-wage workers ke liye


  1. This is what was accepted from PM Modi while he thought of lockdown. Modi did not care of ground level employees or people who are struggling today for basic needs and he thinks lockdown few and ignoring major junk who are the backbone of this country, behind every development. What are you doing Modi for them we are watching you every day. On paper it is different numbers reality is different guys many migrants have suffered and died already with no help. Modi, media and human rights are silent no answers they have.

  2. Salman Khan is reaching out DIRECTLY to the people in need and doing his bits, instead donating through third parties. Going through third parties won’t ensure 100% of your donations will reach to the people in need. It can also be that your donations may not reach out to the people you contributed for.

  3. Very Nice! Salman well done it was a kind gesture , may v hve people like you who don’t show their emotions & greatness it was one of the best deal Salman had done by donating it directly thank you Salman


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