Sushant Singh Rajput aatmahatya ki aur kuchh sachchaaiyaan

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  1. Khuda seh dar… ek dhin tumko jawab dehna pehrega… kithne paise khaye hai tune producers aur directors seh yeh fake news nikal neh kehliye.. bhagwan nak kare ek dhin tumhare saath bhi aisa ho aur koi aur tumhari fake news nikhale.. jo chala geya unko insaaf deh.. sach tu bhi janta hai.. puri duniya waakif hai… yuh jhoot behla ke harami ke paisa mat kama.

  2. No one is spreading fake news… the world knows.. his fans knows… his family knows he took this step due to pressure n nepolism from bollywood producers.. n directors… let the gov n police do their job.. the truth is yet to be revealed. He will get justice.. and we will make sure of tat


  3. Go taste salman’s balls and karan’s if he has any.. baad mein news mein daalna ki sushaant ki aatma doshi hai.. woh tere sapne mein aaya tha.. aur tujhe depression mein chaatna padha..

  4. what bullshit and crap are you talking.. look at ur ur own sick mind.. look at your greed and the hunger who have paid you to speak such things about that guy who you know nothing about. how much have u been paid to talk this shit!! wat r u tryin to say that sushant was physcho? and u r tryin to proove rhea the victim?? who herself is greedy for the money. God wont spare! karma wil definitely give a slap ppl like u who needs it.. no shame at all!!! i think aapka mansik santulan paisa dekh ke zyada bigda hai..bloody loser!


  6. So how do you take your payment for creating this bullshit?

    I mean is it money? or Karan Johar sucks your dick (may be you like sucking his dick).

    I understand that you need to do this to keep running your filthy “dukan”.

  7. The most brainless and chutiya person i have ever seen..komal (kutte) nahta (naha kar aaja ) .
    If u have guts turn on comments then u will see ki teri kitni aukat hai…are madarchod jis kutte ka naam tak ni jante log wo Sushant jaise intellectual k bare m sab kuch jaan gya do din m….

  8. For your kind information Doctor has clearly opened about what media is posting fake news.. That doctor haven’t gave any statement regarding his depression or whatever.. Bcos it’s confidential.. And media posted a fake statement of his on-going depression and all… U NEED FOR INFORMATION.. ABOUT Him.. First know him.. Don’t try to collect information regarding Rhea C.
    Definitely I will shared your video that much gandagi coming from ur dirty mouth.. And need to throw u out of this… How much money u got from Rhea or Bhatt… Acting like a chamcha…. If she was a real friend she would never left him in any condition specially if he is in depression.. She is the reason of depression they have a fight so he deleted her pics from insta.. If she cared then his condition would be better… Koi bhi insaan pyaar n care se koi bhi prob se nikal ata hai… You are chamcha of this high society people of Bollywood….

  9. One simple question even if we believe in everything you say (which we don’t).. why was Sushant under depression?? Poore gyaan dene mein aur jinhone paise khilaye hain unki waqalat karne mein you have simply forgotten to answer this basic question.. WHY WAS SUSHANT UNDER DEPRESSION?

    • Bhai urs is the only valid question.. people r fighting ppl r sad ppl r angry but v need to channelize this n get the truth out..
      He NVR answered y was he in depression evn though he had 3films

  10. Sir the girl whom you are saying was a good human being was of no moral value and the information given by with with the sugar coating is a sweet poison…you’ll pay for this as there is something beyond human control and thats where your karma is being paid…stop thus rubbish when you know SSR will not come to defend himself..let his soul rest peacefully. If you don’t have that much humanity…stop your verdict… media is bought, and we well know about other things in India as well. Don’t show us your outlook which is biased and dirty…

  11. Don’t give your own views and call them the “TRUTH”. That is your opinion, does not make it a fact. Don’t portray Rhea as the victim and for god sake,have some respect for the dead. Stop mooching money off from Sushant. Let the authorities do their investigations. You keep saying that people are now thinking Bollywood is a horrible place. It always has been. People now notice it more. And why shouldn’t they? People from the industry are coming forward and saying the same thing.

  12. This is absolute TUTTI !!!!
    You’re shit whatver ! You’re dumb and paid off like a prostitute
    Go suck Karan and Salman . What a load of bollocks you speak!

    Don’t waste one second watching this rubbish. You’re DUMB if you think you can fool the public!!! Depression bi polar . Lalalalallalq dumbo. Face . Thick dumb talk . Tutti you are

  13. motherfucker, nepo ass kisser, you are not fit to lick the dust off sushant’s boots.
    he kicked rhea out of his house.
    the version you are soewing is the story she created in bed with her budda thakri bhatt.
    you are a bottomfeeder that feeds off the putrid puss that falls off the rotting nepotistic incenstuvous bhatts!
    vapid disgusting excuse for a human being.


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