CENSOR NEWS | 8 November, 2019

Maddock Films’ Bala was given C.C. No. DIL/2/440/2019 (UA) dt. 25-10-’19; running time 131 minutes.

Cine1 Studios Pvt. Ltd.’s Satellite Shankar was given C.C. No. DIL/1/169/2019 (U) dt. 4-11-’19; running time 134.40 minutes.

Satish Kaushik Entertainment’s Kaagaz was given C.C. No. DIL/2/459/2019 (UA) dt. 6-11-’19; running time 116 minutes.

Boo Filmz’s Marrne Bhi Do Yaaron was given C.C. No. DIL/2/452/2019 (UA) dt. 1-11-’19; running time 129.18 minutes.

Friends Moving Pictures’ Yaaron We Are The Best was given C.C. No. DIL/1/170/2019 (U) dt. 4-11-’19; running time 97.04 minutes.

Wide Angle Media Pvt. Ltd.’s Siyavar Ram was given C.C. No. DIL/1/167/2019 (U) dt. 1-11-’19; running time 95.36 minutes.

J.R.S. Production’s The Journey Weekend Night was given C.C. No. DIL/2/449/2019 (UA) dt. 1-11-’19; running time 90.29 minutes.

Kings Entertainment’s Tez Raftaar (revised) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/450/2019 (UA) dt. 1-11-’19; running time 127.34 minutes.

Ajanta Art Entertainment’s Kanoon Ke Khiladi was given C.C. No. DIL/2/457/2019 (UA) dt. 6-11-’19; running time 126.06 minutes.

DC Films Production House’s Sound Of Water Paani Ki Aavaaj was given C.C. No. DIL/2/458/2019 (UA) dt. 6-11-’19; running time 118.54 minutes.


Nayaji Films’ Dikri Kudni Karmveer (Gujarati) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/166/2019 (U) dt. 1-11-’19; running time 118.23 minutes.

Out Of Pipeline Productions’ Dharan (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/168/2019 (U) dt. 1-11-’19; running time 93.52 minutes.

Mahesh Manjrekar Movies’ Panghrun (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/1/171/2019 (U) dt. 6-11-’19; running time 131.01 minutes.

J.B. Films Production House’s Tari Muskurahat (Gujarati) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/451/2019 (UA) dt. 1-11-’19; running time 165.15 minutes.

Bajrangi Film’s Ladhai (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/453/2019 (UA) dt. 5-11-’19; running time 122.21 minutes.

PHS Films’ Pangebaaz (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/454/2019 (UA) dt. 5-11-’19; running time 140.01 minutes.

Wishberry Online Services Pvt. Ltd.’s Zollywood (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/455/2019 (UA) dt. 5-11-’19; running time 94.31 minutes.

Shiv Om Visuals Pvt. Ltd.’s Bakaal (Marathi) was given C.C. No. DIL/2/456/2019 (UA) dt. 5-11-’19; running time 134.57 minutes.

Sadhana Films Creation’s Balughat (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/3/106/2019 (A) dt. 1-11-’19; running time 152.33 minutes.

Gyanendra Films’ Humke Chahi Dulha Albela (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/3/107/2019 (A) dt. 1-11-’19; running time 117.35 minutes.

Seven Roses Production’s Dil Jaan Dhadkan (Bhojpuri) was given C.C. No. DIL/3/108/2019 (A) dt. 6-11-’19; running time 142.38 minutes.


NBC Universal Media Distribution Services Pvt. Ltd.’s Last Christmas was given C.C. No. DFL/2/68/2019 (UA) dt. 1-11-’19; running time 103.17 minutes.

Renzu Films’ The Illegal was given C.C. No. DFL/2/70/2019 (UA) dt. 1-11-’19; running time 89.03 minutes.

Picture Works’ The Hole In The Ground was given C.C. No. DFL/2/71/2019 (UA) dt. 1-11-’19; running time 90.03 minutes.

UTV Software Communications Ltd.’s Ford V Ferrari was given C.C. No. DFL/2/72/2019 (UA) dt. 6-11-’19; running time 154.42 minutes.

PVR Pictures Ltd.’s 21 Bridges was given C.C. No. DFL/3/66/2019 (A) dt. 1-11-’19; running time 99.36 minutes; Midway was given C.C. No. DFL/3/67/2019 (A) dt. 1-11-’19; running time 138.11 minutes; Countdown was given C.C. No. DFL/3/69/2019 (A) dt. 5-11-’19; running time 90.18 minutes.

Warner Bros. Pictures (India) Pvt. Ltd.’s Doctor Sleep was given C.C. No. DFL/3/68/2019 (A) dt. 5-11-’19; running time 153.58 minutes.