Released last week in Delhi-U.P., East Punjab, Bengal, Bihar and Rajasthan, Moonlight Film And Theatre Studio and Shining Sun Studio’s Ab Dilli Dur Nahin is the story of a young man from Bihar, who aspires to appear for the IAS examination and achieve success. He hails from a poor family but dreams big. To realise his dreams, he comes to Delhi.

Dinesh Gautam has written a story which does not offer much novelty. His screenplay is quite dull. Even his dialogues are weak.

Imran Zahid is so-so as the poor man with big aspirations. He is no hero material. Shruti Sodhi does a fair job. Mahesh Bhatt lends ordinary support. Satyakam Anand and Rajiv Mishra pass muster. Others barely fit the bill.

Kamal Chandra’s direction is weak. Music (Abhijeet Gadwe, Tarun Sharma and Ajay Singha) is nothing to shout about. Lyrics (Wajih Farooqui, Raj Hans and Ajay Singha) are commonplace. Shrikant Asati’s camerawork is so-so. Ramkishan Suthar’s editing is loose.

On the whole, Ab Dilli Dur Nahin will remain miles away from success.


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