‘AJMER 92’ REVIEW | 21 July, 2023

Reliance Entertainment, U & K Films Entertainment, Sumit Motion Pictures and Little Crew Pictures’ Ajmer 92 (A) is the story about rape and blackmailing cases in Ajmer.

Madhav (Karan Verma) is a news reporter in Ajmer. He loves Ajmer SP Ranjit Singh’s (Rajesh Sharma) daughter, Geeta (Sumit Singh). Mohan (Akash Dahiya) is also a news reporter of Ajmer, but a corrupt one. He gets hold of nude photographs of girls and blackmails them to make a fast buck.

One day, Geeta is asked by her college principal to get her dad because her attendance is low. Instead, she meets a politician, Yakub (Mahesh Balraj), who rapes her. Meanwhile, Mohan’s new victim is Pooja (Seerat Kaur) who first complains to the police but later takes back her complaint. Some days later, Mohan is killed, and Pooja commits suicide.

It now falls upon Madhav to expose the mastermind, Yakub. Does he succeed? Do the cases of rape and blackmail reduce?

Pushpendra Singh’s story is alright but the climax is a big dampener. The screenplay, penned by Pushpendra Singh, Suraj Pal Rajak and Gyanendra Pratap Singh, is fair but there is not much novelty. Besides, many of the important characters are played by new or unknown faces, because of which the impact of the ordinary scenes is diluted further. The trio’s dialogues are not impressive.

Karan Verma does well as Madhav. Sumit Singh does a fair job as Geeta. Akash Dahiya is okay in the role of Mohan. Rajesh Sharma lends ordinary support as SP Ranjit Singh. Mahesh Balraj is alright as Yakub. Sayaji Shinde makes his presence felt as DIG Shekhawat but he gets very limited scope. Manoj Joshi also doesn’t have much to do as the minister, but he leaves a mark. Shalini Kapoor is so-so as Geeta’s mother. Seerat Kaur is adequate as Pooja. In the brief role of Pooja’s mother, Zarina Wahab makes her mark. Brijendra Kala (as Madhav’s father), Alka Amin (as Madhav’s mother), Anup Gautam (as Anees), Shahnawaz Ahmed (as Mehboob), Deepak Kriplani (as Alam), Avinash Pathak (as Salim), Unnati Pandey (as Shanti) and Anurag Sharma (as Purushottam) are ordinary.

Pushpendra Singh’s direction is routine. Music (by Parthasakha Daskabi) is nothing to shout about. Lyrics are ordinary. Amar Mohile’s background music ought to have been more impactful. Madhu Gowda’s camerawork is passable. Abinash Kumar Pandit’s production designing and Sunil Sharma’s art direction pass muster. Sandeep Sethy’s editing ought to have been sharper.

On the whole, Ajmer 92 suffers on three counts — a routine script, lack of face value, and poor actors.

Released on 21-7-’23 at Metro Inox (daily 1 show) and other cinemas of Bombay by Reliance Entertainment. Publicity: so-so. Opening: dull. …….Also released all over.