BALKRISHNA SHROFF IN ICU | 2 September, 2021

Veteran Bombay distributor Balkrishna Shroff was admitted to Nanavati Hospital in Bombay on 22nd August after he complained of difficulty in breathing. Tests revealed that he was suffering from pneumonia. He had a big patch on his lungs. Two days later, he was shifted to the ICU and when his breathlessness increased, the doctors put him on ventilator. Luckily, he tested negative for COVID-19.

Balkrishna’s brother, Shyam Shroff, told Information, “Bala is not well. He is improving but the recovery is slow. Doctors have put him on sedation.” Shyam Shroff himself is surprised that Balkrishna’s condition worsened so much and so fast because the latter has always been very particular about his exercise regimen.